X Facts About Addison Rae’s Family And Life


Whether someone is a frequent user of TikTok or just occasionally browses the platform, they have certainly heard of Addison Rae. She is considered among the greatest personalities on the network, and every time she shares a video, it spreads like wildfire, making her a rising star. For those who don’t know, Addison Rae is a performer, singer, actor, and social media sensation. She is most popular for her TikTok account, where she primarily posts lip-syncing and dancing clips. When she joined TikTok for the first time in July 2019, her radiant smile immediately won over viewers’ hearts.

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Even Addison’s most devoted followers might not be aware of these lesser-known facts, despite her videos revealing much about her lifestyle, home, and friends. So let’s look at some lesser-known facts about Addison’s life.


10 She Has Two Brothers

Addison is the elder sister to Lucas Lopez and Enzo Lopez, and the three were bought up in Lafayette, Louisiana. The guys are preparing to become great celebrities, following in their sister’s footsteps.

Enzo, the elder brother of the two, is already well-known for playing PK in the online TV show Chicken Girls. Lucas is the youngest sibling of the three, and Addison frequently posts pictures of him on social media.

9 Her Parents Have A Dramatic Marriage

Before getting remarried in 2017, Addison’s parents had separated when she was a little kid and lived apart frequently through her upbringing. The family had to relocate frequently as a result of this turmoil. There has recently been more controversy involving the estranged couple. After allegations of an affair against Addison’s father, Monty Lopez, were made public, Addison Rae’s mom was seen making out with rapper Yung Gravy, at the MTV VMAs. There is no denying the drama-filled relationship between Addison’s parents.

8 Addison Participated In Dance Competitions

Fans who have ever questioned where TikTok sensation Addison Rae learned her immaculate dance abilities should know that she has received formal dance training. Addison Rae started to dance in competitions at the age of six, participated in events across the nation, and received studio training. She was also a part of the Dance Academy at Shreveport and polished her dancing skills way before TikTok became popular. During her senior year of high school, Addison also joined the cheerleading squad and practiced gymnastics.

7 She Dropped Out Of College

Despite being introduced to social media platforms at an early age and beginning to post pictures on Instagram back in 2014, Addison Rae attended college after completing high school. Her brief foray into college was short-lived because she had her heart set on an entirely different line of work. At Louisiana State University, where Addison initially enrolled, she decided to major in sports broadcasting and wanted to make it on to the LSU Dance Team. She left the university, though, and relocated to Los Angeles to make her mark in social media.

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6 She Has A Podcast With Her Mother

Addison Rae and Sheri Nicole, her mother, have a great relationship, and in 2020, Rae and her mother began the podcast Mama Knows Best. The podcast series, which is accessible on Spotify, gives listeners an inside glimpse at Addison and Sheri’s mother-daughter relationship. The duo offers their listeners advice on a variety of topics in their show, including relationships, friendships, family, growing up, TikTok, and more. They made this podcast in order to give their audience access to two distinct viewpoints: those of the mother and the daughter.

5 Addison Is A Singer As Well

In 2021, Addison Rae had her musical debut with the release of her track “Obsessed” in March. Despite receiving unanimous disapproval from both listeners and reviewers, the pop song managed to reach fourth place on the New Zealand Trending Pop charts. It also appeared on several well-known charts, including the UK Indie Pop Charts, the Hot 100s of Canada, the Singles Chart in Ireland, and the Bubbling Below Hot 100 Singles. The song’s music video rose to become YouTube’s sixth-most popular trending video after it was released.

4 Addison Is Friends With Kourtney Kadarshian

Addison Rae has built a strong friendship with Kourtney Kardashian, as her followers who follow her on TikTok are quite well aware of. The two women have enjoyed making videos jointly despite their age gap of over two decades.

Addison might not be a part of the Kardashian clan, yet she has been featured on the show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Kourtney and Addison even collaborated to remake Kourtney’s well-known “ABCDEFG” video, which ultimately became a hit among fans.

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3 Addison Was The Highest Earning TikTok-er

Addison Rae not only creates unique content for social media, but she also earns a significant fortune from it. Celebrity Net Worth estimates that Addison Rae’s net wealth is estimated to be around $15 million in 2022. Forbes claims that Addison Rae was the world’s highest-paid TikToker in 2020, earning around $5 million the year before. Addison also collaborated with several TikTok celebrities and participated in establishing the content producer collaborative Hype House, which contributed to raising her brand and opening up new business prospects for her. She initially received the standard contracts to produce her own branded goods and promotional material from companies like Reebok and watchmaker Daniel Wellington. These two sources of income together made about two-thirds of her projected income.

2 She Owns A Cosmetics Brand

Item Beauty, Addison Rae’s makeup collection, caused a huge stir among TikTok users who love cosmetics when it was revealed for release in August 2020. The fact that all of Addison’s goods, featuring mascara, eye shadow, brow definer, lip oil, lightening powder, and a contouring kit, were manufactured using cruelty-free materials helped her establish herself as the brand’s head. In addition, Addison Rae took on the role of Chief Innovation Officer at the cosmetics company she established in partnership with Madeby Collective.

1 She Is Charitable

Addison Rae gave $1 million to the No Kid Hungry foundation in 2020 to help alleviate child starvation in the country. In addition, Addison also pleaded with her followers to make donations to the Cancer Society of America. Fans of Addison could enter a contest for an opportunity to win a ticket to the Super Bowl in LA by making a $10 donation. If they won, they would go to the Super Bowl with Addison.