World’s Most Allergic Boy Is Dead

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World?s most allergic boy is dead

20-year-old Paul Braithwaite dubbed the world’s most allergic boy is dead. 


Braithwaite who was just a baby when doctors first diagnosed him with a rare and debilitating form of eosinophilic gastroenteropathy, was the only Brit known to suffer with the condition and the first recorded case since 1906. 


The exhausting condition saw him vomit and get rashes after contact with sunlight, grass, fabric, dust and animals. He was also allergic to dozens of food types.


His courage however won him a legion of fans, including former England boss Fabio Capello, snooker stars John Parrott and Jimmy White. 


Paul’s heartbroken mum, Kelly, 46, who spoke of her immense pride after he lost his latest battle with cancer, said; 


“He had every allergy there was, his skin was red raw and he suffered on an almost daily basis. 

“His growth was stunted because of the medication he was on. At the age of 20 he was still wearing clothes for 10 to 11-year-olds. 

“He had a set of very complex needs and had battles at every turn. He’d been in air ambulances, resus and intensive care but nothing phased him at all. 

“He faced all of it with the greatest attitude and joked about everything. Whatever was thrown at him he just got on with it.” 


His dad Darren, 52, said:


“He loved Manchester United and we went to a match together as part of the Make a Wish charity. He was in his own little world. 

“He was very lonely but he was happy that way. Life is just too short. All he ever wanted was to be normal.” 


Paul’s funeral will be held on July 18. 


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