Will There Be An Eighth Season Of Bachelor In Paradise?

Since The Bachelor‘s inception as a hit reality TV show in 2002, the dating competition’s expanded into various spin-off shows, some of which have proven as successful as the original concept. Bachelor In Paradise quickly became popular when it premiered its first season in 2014.

However, Bachelor Nation has had a couple of tough years. Shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette suffer from a lack of originality and success; very few couples survive after the show finishes filming.

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At the end of The Bachelor‘s 26th season, producers announced that the 19th season of The Bachelorette would actually feature two bachelorettes looking for love. The unique season did not premiere until July 2022 instead of May, making fans question the future of the favorite spin-off show, Bachelor in Paradise. Rest assured, the eighth season of Bachelor in Paradise is happening, but the timeline looks a little different.

8 When Will Bachelor In Paradise Season 8 Premiere?

Most years, Bachelor In Paradise starts in July, sometimes even overlapping with the end of The Bachelorette season. While it will still feel like a summer show, the upcoming season will not premiere until September 27th, 2022, due to the delayed Bachelorette season. ABC announced the date of the season on June 16th, 2022, on their social media accounts.


7 The Cast Of Bachelor In Paradise Season 8

ABC has yet to announce the cast of Bachelor In Paradise Season 8, and we likely will not know until the end of the upcoming Bachelorette season. Traditionally, standout contestants from the most recent Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons head to Mexico for a second chance at love. Still, old veterans and unexpected guests will often shake up the drama. Reality Steve, the notorious Bachelor Nation spoiler expert, believes he knows the cast for night one in paradise.

6 What Fans Can Expect From The Upcoming Bachelor In Paradise Season

Since Chris Harrison permanently left the reality franchise in early 2021, every new Bachelor Nation show seems a little uncertain without the consistent formula that Chris brought as host. With the changes in hosts and formats (two bachelorettes?), who knows how this upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise could go. However, it will follow the same structure at the same Mexican resort as in past seasons.

5 What Happened During Bachelor In Paradise Season 7?

Summer 2021’s Bachelor In Paradise followed many of the series’ favorite characters in their search to find love. There were rotating hosts, including David Spade and Lance Bass. Uncertainty surrounded Abigail Heringer and Noah Erb as a couple since they broke up at the end to avoid an engagement but got back together shortly afterward. Fan favorites Serena Pitt and Joe Amabile, otherwise known as “Grocery Store Joe,” got engaged during the season finale.

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4 Hosting Controversies

Chris Harrison, who’d hosted all Bachelor shows since the start in 2002, became wrapped up in drama and controversy in 2020 after failing to adequately address racism issues with some cast members. He eventually stepped down, which led to a series of hosts, including past Bachelorettes, Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe. Former contestant and football player Jesse Palmer hosted the 26th season of The Bachelor in the winter of 2022.

3 Who Will Host Bachelor In Paradise Season 8?

Jesse Palmer has since been made the permanent host of Bachelor Nation shows, including Bachelor In Paradise. Fans have mixed reactions to Jesse Palmer; some wish that bartender and universal friend Wells Adams should be hosting Bachelor in Paradise instead. Wells reportedly thought he’d be named host as well.

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2 Struggling TV Ratings

Recent Bachelor Nation shows have struggled to maintain the immense popularity of previous seasons. The COVID-19 pandemic caused a hiatus in filming, and several seasons took place in resort bubbles where producers had to get creative with planning unique dates. Season 26 of The Bachelor received almost 2 million fewer viewers during the first episode than season 25 with Matt James. Hopefully, Bachelor In Paradise remains popular.

1 What Bachelor Nation Says About Bachelor In Paradise Season 8

Many Bachelor Nations fans look forward to Bachelor In Paradise every year since it’s where many favorite cast members really get to shine. It can also be a chaotic mess which makes for fantastic TV. Fans on Twitter expressed their excitement about the upcoming September season since it’s been delayed. We have The Bachelorette season to look forward to first, however.

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