Will The Boys Have A Season 4?

Amazon Prime’s The Boys has only grown in popularity since the show was released back in July 2019. The series’ iconic characters, humor, and its bold yet satirical plot lend it a unique sense of spectacle that has successfully resonated with viewers across the world. According to Amazon, season three’s premiere saw an increase in viewership by 17% compared to season two, and a whopping 234% compared to the first.

Six episodes in, there is little doubt that the creators have no intentions of wrapping up the storyline just yet, and Amazon appears to be onboard. Of course, Karl Urban had earlier teased fans by revealing that shooting for the show will go on until the end of 2022. Since then, however, Amazon has confirmed that The Boys will indeed be renewed for a fourth season!


The Boys Is Currently In Its Third Season

Season three has already been worth watching, according to viewers, and they can’t wait for more. As a matter of fact, some fans seem to think that the third season of The Boys is the most “messed up” so far. At the same time, Redditors describe the show as being a perfect antidote to Marvel, which is understandable.

The Boys arguably presents the most realistic take on what actual superheroes might lead to, in the capitalist-driven world. The show delivers high-quality references and satire while mixing it up with a consistently high level of humor. The concept in itself tends to grab attention as it maintains a level of logical and structural integrity despite the obvious, sometimes uncontrollable madness.

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The characters go deeper than just being vehicles for the story, as each of the major protagonists finds themselves going on complex, intricate journeys that are codependent and thoroughly engaging. Needless to say, the show does not look like its popularity will dwindle anytime soon, and fans will be delighted to find out that Amazon has already announced season 4, midway through the current one.

Is The Boys Going To Be Renewed For A Fourth Season?

Fans on Reddit noticed that The Boys is being “review bombed” with a mass of 1-star reviews. However, this has had little impact on its future and Amazon seems keen to bring the series to its logical end. According to TV Line, Amazon recently announced that The Boys will indeed have a season four.

Vernon Sanders, Amazon’s head of global television, said the following as part of the statement announcing season 4:

“From our first conversation with Eric Kripke and the creative team about Season Three of The Boys, we knew the show was continuing to get even bolder — an impressive feat considering the wild success of the Emmy-nominated second season. The Boys continues to push boundaries in storytelling while also being relentlessly entertaining and threading the needle on social satire that feels all too real.”

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The statement continued, “This stylized world of the series has incredible global reach and the viewership for opening weekend is proof of that. We are immensely proud of the cast and crew that has spawned a franchise for Prime Video, and we look forward to bringing more of ‘The Boys’ to our customers.”

What Does The Cast Think Of Having Another Season?

So far, the cast has been thrilled with the direction the show has taken, so it’s safe to assume they would be happy to appear in another season. Of course, it didn’t exactly start out that way; Paul Reiser put his foot down and initially refused to join the cast. These days, he’s likely glad he did.

Plus, at the debut of season three, Karl Urban and Jensen Ackles talked about how much fun they were having working together. Both the actors seemed delighted with the love that the show has received worldwide.

Jensen Ackles, who joined the cast for season 2 and plays the role of Soldier Boy, claimed that he was already a fan of the show when Erik Kripke first approached him:

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“I was such a fan of The Boys already. I told Kripke that I’ll come over and just do a bit part: ‘Just put me in coach!. He’s the one who came up with the idea and said, ‘There’s this role that we’re starting to talk about for season three’. He’s like, ‘I’m gonna send you some material, let me know what you think’. Within the first couple of lines, I was like, ‘Oh, I gotta fight for this’. And I did.”

Needless to say, the cast of the show appears just as excited with the prospect of season four as fans are. Like seasons one and two, season three of The Boys has a total of 8 episodes, so it’s assumed the next season will be similar.

Fans will hope that The Boys continues to grow bigger and more exciting as the storyline comes closer to an organic conclusion.

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