Why Zayn Malik’s Latest Video Has One Direction Fans Think A Reunion May Be Happening

Since One Direction went on hiatus in January 2016, Directioners have been waiting for the boys to announce their reunion. Unfortunately, there haven’t been too many seedlings of hope since then, with each member focusing on their own careers.

Certain members have even spoken negatively of their time in the band and have appeared to fall out with each other too.

Zayn Malik, who was put into the band on The X Factor UK in 2010 along with Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne, has since opened up about how he really feels about One Direction, famously stating that he wouldn’t “listen to One Direction sat at a party” with “his girl”.


However, 2022 has brought renewed hope for fans that the boys may be reuniting. And Zayn himself, who left the band before they went on hiatus, has ignited that hope by posting a curious video to social media.

Will There Be A One Direction Reunion?

A video posted to social media by former member Zayn Malik has fans wondering if a reunion really is in the cards. Zayn left the band at the beginning of 2015 while they were on a global tour.

He has since admitted that he didn’t vibe with the music One Direction made and prefers having the creative freedom of a solo artist. So he was the last member fans expected to pay tribute to the band in 2022.

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However, Zayn posted a short clip on Instagram of himself singing his famous high note from the One Direction song ‘You and I’ in June.

Fans took this as a sign that there may be a reunion on the horizon because it’s the first acknowledgment that Zayn has given to One Direction in a considerable amount of time. Music website Tone Deaf noted that fans were disappointed when Zayn failed to acknowledge the 10-year anniversary of One Direction in 2021.

However, not everyone believes that the video was a sign that One Direction is moving towards a reunion. Some fans have suggested that just the opposite could be happening.

Why Some Fans Think The Video Was A Dig At Liam Payne

Much to the dismay of Directioners who have been waiting for a reunion with bated breath, some fans have guessed that the video Zayn posted wasn’t an ode to One Direction, but rather a dig at former bandmate Liam Payne.

In a controversial appearance on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast, Liam made several comments that angered the One Direction fan base, including calling Louis Tomlinson “rowdy” and saying that he dislikes Zayn “for many reasons”.

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“There are many reasons I dislike Zayn and there are many reasons why I’ll always be on his side,” Liam shared. “If I had had to go through what he went through, through his growth and whatever else. My parents are overly supportive, to the point where it’s annoying at times, and Zayn had a different upbringing in that sense.”

Liam went on, “You can always look at the man for where he is and say, ‘That guy’s a d—‘, but at the end of the day what you understand what he’s had to get through to get to that point and whether or not he wanted to be there, I can’t d— on him.

“I don’t agree with his actions, I can’t be on his side. I understand and hope that one day the other person on the end of the phone wants to receive the help.”

Liam also claimed that One Direction was initially formed around him as the lead member and that he’s had more success as a solo artist than any of the other members.

As Zayn posted the video of himself singing the high note he became known for not long after Liam made the comments, BuzzFeed News has posited that it’s possible that he was “putting Liam in his place”. After all, when Zayn left the band, Liam took over performing that high note during their live performances of the song.

What Else Can Fans Expect From Zayn?

There’s a chance a reunion could be in the works, since other members have revealed that they are down to join forces again at some point in the future. But just in case Zayn’s video doesn’t mean a reunion is happening soon, what else can fans expect from him?

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The Bradford-born singer has been working hard on a merchandise collection that he designed himself, called Paynt by Zayn.

“Excited to share my first-ever limited-edition merchandise collection that I designed from my own paintings and artwork,” he shared on Instagram.

The range of merchandise includes T-shirts, beanies, hoodies, backpacks, and a notebook, all featuring artwork that Zayn created.

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