Why Was The Time Traveler’s Wife Canceled After One Season?

The team behind “The Time Traveler’s Wife” hasn’t spoken up about factors that may have contributed to the series’ early demise, but we can think of a few. The series earned a damning 38% on Rotten Tomatoes, meaning only about a third of critics gave it their stamp of approval. This may have led to some viewers choosing to opt out of the show in favor of other viewing options amidst a crowded streaming landscape.

/Film’s own Shania Russell reviewed the show, saying it “never [gave] its characters or concepts the depth they deserve” and pointing out the troubling power imbalance between the two leads. She wasn’t the only person to point out how discomfiting it can be to watch an adult Henry make moon eyes at a kid version of Clare, and molding her from childhood into the person she will become. While plenty of viewers pointed out that this is a questionable foundation for a love story, Moffat shot down the accusations that Henry seemed to be grooming Clare: in an interview with /Film’s Danielle Ryan, he declared that “every version of Clare is in charge of Henry.”

There’s also the fact that this story has been told several times before: fans of Niffenegger’s book already got a 2009 film with Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams, and Moffat pulled from the story for a 2006 “Doctor Who” episode titled “The Girl in the Fireplace.” If fans of the HBO series do want more of this story, apparently they could get their wish, albeit in a different form. Apparently, the author of the original book is working on a sequel to “The Time Traveler’s Wife,” titled “The Other Husband.”

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