Why Was Night Sky Canceled After Just One Season?

Prime Video may have Amazon’s billion-dollar profits to spend on content, but they still haven’t figured out how to make anyone aware of it. As part of a promotional effort, “Night Sky” was streamed in outer space, making Prime Video the first streamer to distribute something directly into space, and also marking the furthest distance from Earth that a show has ever been broadcast. Chances are, this is something you didn’t know until I mentioned it just this second, because again, Prime Video needs to majorly overhaul the way they market their original properties. Juan José Campanella, of “The Secret in Their Eyes” fame, directed the pilot episode in addition to executive producing, with Victoria Mahoney (“Yelling to the Sky”) and Sara Colangelo (“The Kindergarten Teacher”) directing throughout.

There is no reason a show starring two Oscar-winning actors should have been canceled after one season, but it’s unfortunately the hand we’ve all been dealt. “Night Sky” also debuted only a week before “Obi-Wan Kenobi,” which may have been a death sentence for any sci-fi series. I guess the giant promotional banner outside the AMC 16 in Burbank, CA wasn’t enough to save it.

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