Why The Boys Season 3 Changed Homelander And Soldier Boy’s Relationship From The Comics

The latest episode of “The Boys” ends with a phone call between Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy and Antony Starr’s Homelander. During this call, the audience (and Homelander) learn that Vought’s current golden boy is actually the biological son of their original headlining act. In the original comics by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, Homelander was instead created in the lab using genetic material from Stormfront. He and Soldier Boy aren’t related, and actually end up having sex during Herogasm.

Kripke explained that while the Soldier Boy/Homelander twist wasn’t part of the plan when they originally started developing the season, it was logical for these events to play out like they did on the show. Not only are the characters so similar that a shared lineage makes sense, but it also fits incredibly well into the themes that the writers were exploring in this season.

“In so many ways, this season is about fathers and sons. It’s about how fathers can pass their trauma, generationally, to their children, especially this toxic masculinity of policing that their boys have to be society’s version of masculine. There’s all of these themes that are all floating around and it all kind of lands in these father-to-son stories. We talk about Hughie and his dad, Butcher and his dad, Butcher and his son, Homelander and his son. It wasn’t the very first plan from the beginning, but as we were just talking through the mythology of the season, someone pitched it and said, ‘Crazy pitch, but what if…?’ And I jumped all over it. I’m like, of course, because many of our main characters are dealing with issues of their parents and parenting — Mother’s Milk, also — Homelander should have to deal with his dad. So it all fell together.”

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