Why That Needle Drop In The Boys Season 3 Finale Is Perfect

Annie and Maggie have had a strange relationship over the course of the show’s three seasons. The more seasoned Supe wasn’t exactly the most welcoming to her new teammate back in “The Boys” season 1, telling her to ignore the abuses she’s experiencing in order to appear strong. This, in turn, causes tension between them, as Annie thinks Maggie actively wants to protect the Seven — an assumption that turns out to not be entirely accurate.

Despite this tension, the two have slowly but surely grown closer. A lot of this can be attributed to the idea that Maggie is scared of Annie turning out like her: a hardened cynic who is prevented from actually helping people at every turn. After all, they both started their superhero career with a genuine desire to help people, only to have their ambitions whiffed out due to trauma and corporate exploitation.

In a weird, roundabout way, this fear brought them closer together. While never exactly friends, the two of them learned to trust each other because of their shared trauma at the hands of other members of the Seven: Annie was sexually assaulted by The Deep (Chace Crawford), while Maggie has been heavily suggested to have been abused by Homelander (Starr), recently being threatened with the forced extraction of her eggs. Annie and Maggie’s relationship ultimately evolves from wariness to alliance and eventually solidarity, even if the road to get there wasn’t the smoothest.

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