Who Is The Richest of Bob Marley’s Many Children?

Bob Marley is arguably one of the most famous reggae musicians to have ever lived. He is iconic both as a musician and as a representative of Jamaican culture and Rastafarianism, a religion and lifestyle that revolves around the profit Hailee Selassie.

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When Marley died of cancer in the 1980s, he left behind a fortune of at least 30 million dollars, but some estimate that his estate is worth up to $500 million thanks to his posthumous success. He also left behind his wife and their 11 children. Some of his children have followed in their father’s footsteps and became famous reggae musicians, while others opted to keep a low profile and are sticking to normal day jobs. Each of them got a piece of Marley’s immense estate, but who is the richest Marley today?

12 Makeda Jahensta Marley – Net Worth Unknown

Makeda Jahensta Marley is one of the Marley children who stayed out of the limelight, at least she tried to. She was the subject of tabloid fodder in 2010 when she was arrested in England for growing marijuana. That should not be too surprising to anyone, Bob Marley is one of the most notorious stoners to have ever lived. As of 2022, her net worth remains unknown.


11 Karen Marley – Net Worth Unknown

Karen Marley also opted for a career outside of show business, but she is a successful creative consultant and a promoter for beauty and lifestyle brands. According to her website, “As the daughter of reggae legend, Bob Marley, she shares his vision for healthy, happy, and peaceful living.” Her net worth is unknown, but she is obviously making a healthy living.

10 Sharon Marley – $1 million to $2.5 million

The exact amount of Sharon Marley’s wealth is also unknown but most net worth websites rank it to be anywhere between $1 million but no higher than $5 million. Most websites approximate her wealth to be right in the middle of that range, maxing out at $2.5 million. Sharon is not blood-related to Bob Marley, she was Rita Marley’s daughter from a previous relationship. However, she was adopted by the reggae singer when Rita and Bob married. She is now a singer and used to be in her brother Ziggy’s band.

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9 Julian Marley – $1 million

Julian is a successful reggae singer and guitarist and was lucky enough to earn two Grammy nominations. Julian is a devoted Rastafarian and takes the faith very seriously. He is not the wealthiest of the Marleys, but he is one of the most philanthropic and is the leader of one of the family’s charities, the Ghetto Youths Foundation.

8 Cedella Marley – $3 million

Cedella is a successful singer in the family’s homeland of Jamacia. Like her sister Sharon, she was a part of Ziggy Marley’s band, Ziggy Marley and The Magic Makers. While with the group, she won three Grammy Awards. Like Julian, she practices philanthropy and runs the Bob Marley Foundation.

7 Ky-mani Marley – $5 million

Ky-mani was the athlete of the family and as a child seemed likely to become either a soccer player or football star. As a teenager, he began D.J.ing and rapping. His career started in 1996 when he recorded a hit cover of Eddy Grant’s classic “Electric Avenue.” He has collaborated with several popular rappers, including XXXTentacion and Shaggy.

6 Ziggy Marley – $10 million

Ziggy might is probably one of the most famous of the Marleys, but he is not the richest. He is still very wealthy though. Thanks to the success of his band Ziggy Marley and The Magic Makers, he accumulated several Grammys and millions of dollars. He ran into legal problems in 2012 when the IRS rejected the non-profit status of one of his charities. Whether that affected his net worth is unknown, but he is still worth a healthy $10 million.

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5 Rohan Marley – $20 million

Rohan is one of the few Marleys who didn’t go into music but instead became a sports star. While in college at the University of Miami he was a star linebacker and led the team in tackles. Instead of going pro, he started several businesses, including a coffee plantation and a line of headphones.

4 Stephen Marley – $20 million

Stephen Marley has the privilege of being both one of the richest of Bob Marley’s descendants and the one with the most Grammy wins. He won three as a solo artist, two as the producer for his brother Damian’s albums, and three more times when he was with Ziggy Marley and The Magic Makers.

3 Robert Marley – $20 million

Robert Marley is named for his father but is better known as Robbie Marley. He did not go into music like the rest of his family and instead focuses on art and poetry. Although he keeps a low profile he is often seen in documentaries about his father, Jamacia, and Africa.

2 Stephanie Marley – $20 million

Not much is known about Stephanie Marley, out of all her siblings she arguably is the least famous and stays the furthest from the spotlight. What she does for a living is unknown, but it is safe to assume she managed her inheritance from her father well, net worth sites estimate she is worth up to $20 million.

1 Damian Marley – $20 million

Along with Ziggy Marley, Damian Marley is probably the most famous out of all of Bob Marley’s kids. Although he was only 2 years old when his father died, he did quite a good job following in his footsteps. He has four Grammys to his name so far and he has collaborated with the likes of Nas, Skrillex, Bobby Brown, Cypress Hill, Common, and Shawn Paul. He combines both dancehall and reggae to create his unique sound.

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