Where We’ll See the Stranger Things Cast Outside of the Upside Down

As season 4 of Stranger Things comes to a close with the release of Volume 2, the world needs the reminder that their favorite stars aren’t quite so far out of reach. While their faces may have become popular through the Netflix original series, these kids have grown into young adult actors ready to explore the industry beyond the realm of Hawkins, Indiana and the horrific events that take place there. Though it may be a wait until season five sees the light of day, the stars of the sci-fi hit are more active than ever. While waiting for that final season to close the door on the Upside Down, take a look at just a few of the projects starring Hawkins’ finest.

10 Caleb McLaughlin Joins A Catty Crowd

Best known for his portrayal of Lucas Sinclair, Caleb McLaughlin isn’t waiting for a final season before stretching his skills to other pursuits. Exploring the realm of voice work, Caleb is set to star in Warriors, an adaptation of Erin Hunter’s popular novel series, as Greypaw with an expected release in 2023. For those looking for more adult-oriented work and willing to wait for filming and post-production, keep an eye out for The Deliverance, a thriller surrounding a family in Indiana who discovers demonic occurrences that lead them to believe the house is a portal to hell.


9 David Harbour Steps Forward As Santa Claus

David Harbour hit the scene with speed with the release of Stranger Things as fans adored his wild and off-beat portrayal of police chief Jim Hopper. Following suit in his quirky character, Harbour’s next screen time will appear in the guise of Santa Claus in Violent Night. With a project release date of 2022, this film pits Santa against a group of mercenaries, leaving him the only hope of saving the wealthy estate. Those who look for less action can check out We Have a Ghost, a film following the path of a man who claims to befriend a ghost and the internet fame that follows.

8 Natalia Dyer Has No Time For Games

Any fans of the stunning sleuth Nancy Wheeler will be thrilled to know that star Natalie Dyer has two new films sitting in post-production. While there are no release dates provided yet, the excitement surrounding Chestnut, a film in which a graduate becomes romantically entangled with a man and woman, and All Fun and Games, in which a group of siblings finds themselves playing games with a demonic twist, will keep fans at the ready until these movies hit the public.

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7 Noah Schnapp Takes A Darker Turn

Following his trek into darker territories like the upside down, Noah Schnapp’s next project plays with the theme of obsession. Joining Victoria Justice in The Tutor, this film follows a tutor who struggles with the obsessions of a student and the dark secrets that may be revealed as a result. The movie currently sits in post-production without a release date, but it’s safe to say the fans are ready to see this side of Noah Schnapp.

6 Joe Keery Stars With Liam Neeson

Sticking with a more sci-fi route, everyone’s favorite babysitter Steve Harrington (or just Joe Keery to the regular world) will be taking on a new adventure with Liam Neeson at his side. The duo will conquer Cold Storage, a book-to-film adaptation that deals with the release of a virus from a government facility and the rush to contain it before it spreads worldwide.

5 Sadie Sink Steps Up With Brendan Fraser

Sadie Sink hit it big with her plot line in season 4 of Stranger Things, so the world will be excited to keep up with her follow-up films Dear Zoe and The Whale. Slotted for a 2022 release, Dear Zoe follows a family suffering tragic loss and the reintroduction of a biological father into the resulting turmoil. The Whale hasn’t found a release date yet, but will see Sink joining Brendan Fraser and Ty Simpkins on screen.

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4 Maya Hawke Hits It Big With Wes Anderson

Maya Hawke is hitting it big with two slotted 2022 releases. Do Revenge features characters named Drea and Eleanor as they swear to go after one another’s bullies to end the torment. Hitting her stride, the real excitement comes from Hawke’s participation in Asteroid City. While little of the plot is known, the film is written and directed by Wes Anderson and will see Hawke share the screen with Tom Hanks.

3 Gaten Matarazzo Faces Down Dragons

Turning to new frontiers, Gaten Matarazzo is conquering new heights through his participation in My Father’s Dragon, an animated film slotted for a 2022 release surrounding a search for a captive dragon that introduces more adventure than expected. Those longing to see Gaten’s face once more can relax as he’ll appear in Honor Society, facing off with a young girl who aims to take down her biggest competition for Harvard, only to fall for him.

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2 Finn Wolfhard Makes Disney Dark

Taking a break from the world of action and adventure as Mike Wheeler, Finn Wolfhard is stepping into voice work in the next few projects. With two films set for release in 2022, Wolfhard will pop up in The Legend of Ochi, where a young girl uncovers the mysteries of animal communication, and Pinocchio, a darker twist on the classic Disney tale led by Guillermo del Toro.

1 Millie Bobby Brown Needs No Man To Survive

Everyone’s favorite Eleven isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Millie Bobby Brown is set to release her follow up, Enola Holmes 2, in 2022 which will see the beloved prodigy take on her first case as a detective (with the help of friends and her brother Sherlock of course). She’ll also battle stereotypes and perceptions in 2023’s Damsel in which a young princess believes she’s set to be married, only to learn she’s being sacrificed to a dragon and must save herself.

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