Where Did The Cast Of The Umbrella Academy Get Their Start?

The Umbrella Academy has garnered such a high following that it is currently Netflix’s second most popular title. With so many options, both original productions and others that have been added, it is safe to say that this one is a beloved original series.

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The plot has a little bit of everything, making it appeal to almost every viewer. A group of children who share the commonality of being adopted by a mysterious billionaire and brought up to save the world from future impending doom are at the center of this show. There is super-heroism, comedy, action and adventure in this all-star cast.

Spotlighting both actors who have been in Hollywood for years and those who are fairly new to the game, there is a variety of talented people in the cast. With so many leads, audiences are keen to see where these stars first got their start.

9 Ritu Arya Has Been Starring On TV For 9 Years

Ritu Arya was hired to play Lila Pitts on The Umbrella Academy. Other than this series, Arya has a few hit titles on her resume, including Netflix’s Red Notice and an episode of Doctor Who. She got her start, however, back in 2013 when she starred in the TV series Doctors and appeared in one episode of The Tunnel.


8 Jordan Claire Robbins Appeared In Man Seeking Woman

Grace is played by Jordan Claire Robbins. She only has fourteen credits on her resume, including The Umbrella Academy, as she started acting in 2015. To kick off her career, she acted in two television shows: Man Seeking Woman, in which she appeared in two episodes, and 12 Monkeys, where she was hired three times.

7 Justin H. Min Got His Start In Acting Shorts

Justin H. Min was hired to play Ben Hargreeves in this beloved series. He has starred in numerous movies, shorts, and television shows since beginning his career in Hollywood. Min’s first works were shorts in 2012 entitled My Father and My Best Friend Max. Other big hits on his resume include CSI: Cyber and the miniseries Dating After College.

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6 Aidan Gallagher’s First Role Was On Modern Family

Perhaps surprising some audiences, Aidain Gallagher, who plays Number Five, has only worked on seven other productions outside The Umbrella Academy. Starting his career in 2013, he was first on an episode of the sitcom Modern Family before starring in the short You & Me and the TV movie Jacked Up. From there, he spent most of his acting career working with Nickelodeon.

5 Robert Sheehan Started Acting In 2003

Robert Sheehan has been in over 50 projects since he booked his first role. Although the world knows him now as Klaus, his first on-screen appearance was in 2003 on the film Song for a Raggy Boy, followed shortly after by the shorts A Dublin Story and An Cuainin. Some of Sheehan’s other popular works include The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones and the TV series Misfits.

4 Emmy Raver-Lampman’s Career Began In Theater

While Emmy Raver-Lampman has been in some popular titles on TV, her acting career began on the big stage. She is not just Allison in The Umbrella Academy, she was also in Children of Eden in 2010, followed by Hair, Jekyll & Hyde, A Night with Janis Joplin, Wicked, and Hamilton before ever appearing on the big screen.

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3 David Castaneda Started His Career With 3 Projects

2009 was a busy year for David Castaneda, who plays Diego in the show. He began his career in Drive-By Chronicles: Sidewayz, followed closely by an episode of Lie to Me and the TV series Southland. Some of his other popular titles are Jane the Virgin and the television show Switched at Birth.

2 Tom Hopper Scored An Episode Of Casualty

Tom Hopper, who was hired to play Luther, entered Hollywood in 2007. Although he was seen in Game of Thrones, Terminator: Dark Fate, and Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, his first appearance was in an episode of Casualty. Within the same year, he also acted in a movie titled Saxon before moving on to more television series work.

1 Elliot Page Booked His First Role In 1997

Elliot Page has been acting for 25 years. Before coming to the scene as Vanya/Viktor in The Umbrella Academy, he was in many popular productions, including X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men: Days of Future Past. His first acting gig, however, came from the TV movie Pit Pony: A Diamond in the Rough.

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