What We Want To See In Stranger Things’ Final Season

Although things cannot be overly positive at the end of “Stranger Things,” everyone in the gang deserves to be able to heal from these traumatic events and move forward. Will shouldn’t have to feel alienated due to his sexuality, and the show should absolutely grant him the safe space he deserves. The Nancy, Jonathan, and Steve storyline might be tackled in the next season, and I’m hoping it will be handled in a way that does not do a disservice to any of the characters and their personal agencies.

Eleven has been made to feel different all her life, and the poor kid deserves a break from it all, without having to give in to the trappings of “normalcy.” The same goes for everyone else — Robin, Dustin, Lucas, Max, Erica, and Mike — and one can hope that they are able to actualize their respective dreams, whatever they might entail. We might end up losing a character or two before we reach this juncture, leaving an inevitable bittersweet taste during the season 5 finale. At this point, one can only root for these beloved characters and hope against hope.

Volume 2 of “Stranger Things,” season 4, is currently streaming on Netflix.

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