What The Voice Actors Behind Arcane Are Doing Now?

Arcane is the tale of two sisters from an underground, dystopian city called Zaun. They are wedged apart from forces and instances outside their control, but this paves way to a series of trauma who shape them both to be who they are. Arcane serves as an adaptation and prequel to the game full of complex lore and interesting characters, League of Legends, created by Riot Games.

There are 9 episodes total, each being around 40 minutes long, currently airing on Netflix. It is divided into 3 acts, unfolding the story of the main characters growing up, facing harsh realities and exploitation recurring, alongside the continuing issue of peace between Piltover and the Undercity. The first act was released November 6, 2021, act 2 was released November 13, 2021, and act 3 was released 20 November 2021. The voice actor cast comprises many notable names, such as Hailee Steinfeld, Ella Purnell, Kevin Alejandro and more. Here’s what they’ve been up to since Arcane!


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The Voice Actors Behind Sisters Vi And Jinx

Hailee Steinfeld voices the impulsive, electric pink-haired caring sister with a craving for justice, Vi. She has picked up large acclaim and attention lately, not only from Arcane, but from her entrance into the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Since Arcane aired in November 2021, she has focused primarily in these Marvel roles. She took on the role of archer Kate Bishop in the tv series Hawkeye, which aired the first episode only 3 days after Arcane’s last episode premiered! She also took on another voice acting project, portraying Gwen Stacy in the animated series, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

Ella Purnell voices the chaos-loving, highly intelligent tinkerer who struggles with hearing imaginary voices resembling her former friends constantly haunting and taunting her, Jinx, formerly known as Powder.

Since Arcane, she stars as Teen Jackie in the ongoing Americana drama tv series, Yellowjackets, which revolves around a group of girls who played soccer in high school going on a wild journey including cannibalism, clan activity and the fight to survive in their adulthood. She also starred as Gwyn in the tv series Star Trek: Prodigy, and another action-horror tv series called Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas which is currently in post-production. As of right now, she is in the middle of filming a new tv series called Fallout.

The Voice Actors Behind Caitlyn Kiraman And Ekko

Since playing Cho Chang in the beloved and highly esteemed Harry Potter series, Katie Leung has come a long way. She voiced Caitlyn Kiraman in Arcane, an overprotected girl who comes from a family of wealth and political status, who proves to be a stubborn yet loyal, determined fighter who believes in the people of Zaun, and is not as prejudiced as the other people from Piltover.

As season one came to an end, she took on another voice acting role in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga video game. She is now performing in an upcoming American sci-fi tv series, The Peripheral as Ash. The series has aired only one episode so far.

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Reed Shannon plays the character Ekko, a genius inventor and twister of time who progressed to be a determined protector for Zaun and its people, fighting against chaos and all those who pursue it.

Shannon is a musician and actor, who gathered acclaim for his appearance as Scotty Simms in season 2 of the notorious, popular series “The Wilds”. He has previously voice acted for a nickelodeon series called Blaze and the Monster Machines as the character AJ, also known as singing AJ. He has a recent upcoming project titled Box Browns, in which he was cast as the Baptism Witness.

The Voice Actors Behind Jayce And Viktor

Kevin Alejandro plays the character Jayce, a brilliant inventor and scientist who sought to create and utilize magic to aid in the progression of Piltover. Alejandro is already a well known actor, seeing as he had already appeared in popular series such as Arrow, Grey’s Anatomy, Law & Order, and most notably, Lucifer.

Since Arcane, he appeared in a short drama movie called For Every Good Invention as the role of Greg. He has one project that is currently in post-production which is Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe where he plays the role of Sam Quintana. Currently, he is filming new tv series set to premiere in October 2022 called Fire Country, as the character Manny.

Harry Lloyd plays the ambitious, intelligent inventor and scientist who works alongside Jayce, Viktor. His hopes are directly devoted to improving lives through his work, despite his terminal illness.

Lloyd is known for his appearances in Game of Thrones as character Viserys Targaryen, a tv series called Counterpart where he played Peter Quayle, and another tv series called Legion, as the role Charles Xavier. Since Arcane, he has starred as Brian McNally in the podcast series, The Miranda Obsession. He most recently completed an upcoming British comedy-drama film called The Lost King, where he plays the character Richard III.

The Voice Actors Behind Vander And Silco

JB Blanc is a French-British actor and director. He portrayed Vander, a former brutal fist fighter whose strength was reserved for the fight of equality between the Undercity and Piltover, who progressed into a widely respected peace-promoter and the adoptive father of sisters Vi and Jinx. Blanc has done quite a lot since Arcane:

  • He voiced the character Oleg in an American action sci-fi tv series called Gen: Lock.
  • He continued voice acting the role Terroblade, Flugg, Urlo, alongside additional characters such as Jarl, D.M.O Soldier, Driver, Pit Boss and Priest in the game-turned-film tv series, Dota: Dragon’s Blood.
  • He voiced the character Rost in the 2022 video game, Horizon Forbidden West.
  • He continued starring in the podcast series called Lethal Lit.
  • He continued his voice acting role as the Abomination Teacher alongside additional voices in the tv series The Owl House.
  • He continued his voice acting role as Batir in the tv series Barry.

Jason Spisak voiced the character Silco, a tyrannical Zaunite drug lord who amassed great power and notoriety through brutal force and determination. He also became the adoptive father of Powder, forging her into Jinx. Spisak is an American voice actor and producer. Similarly to JB Blanc, Spisak has starred in a multitude of projects since Arcane aired. These include:

  • He voiced the character Hopper in the Japanese-American CGI tv series, Blade Runner: Black Lotus.
  • He voiced the characters Skibor, Lothar, Kir alongside additional voices in a 2022 video game titled Elex II.
  • He starred in Japanese anime tv series Tiger & Bunny as the character Mugan.
  • He voiced the character Ford in an adult Japanese-American tv series called Pacific Rim: The Black.
  • He continued his long time role that started in 2010 and is currently ongoing as characters Wally West, Kid Flash and Forager in the tv series, Young Justice.
  • Most recently, he voiced Hal Jordan also known as Green Lantern in Teen Titans Go! DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse.

Is There Going To Be A Season 2?

Fans of Arcane are in for some luck, as Netflix has confirmed that production of the second season of Arcane had already commenced. The announcement was made on the 21st of November 2021, a day after the season one finale aired.

Riot Games CEO, Nicolo Laurent, also shared on Twitter that the total production time for the first season took around six years for completion, but assures that fans won’t have to wait nearly as long for the second season!

The team behind Arcane also released a teaser on the day the second season was announced.

Fans have already overloaded on the possible theories, most notably, the theory that League of Legend’s champion, Warwick, will be introduced to the second season. This is because in the final seconds of the announcement teaser, fans can hear the blood hunt sound effect, one of Warwick’s abilities in the League of Legends game.

Do you think Warwick will be introduced in season two of Arcane? Stay tuned for information on the upcoming season, returning voice actors and more.

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