What Is Ms. Marvel’s Noor Dimension? The Home Of The ClanDestines Explained

“Seeing Red,” the fourth episode of “Ms. Marvel,” reveals even more about where the Djinn come from. When visiting Karachi for answers, Kamala is lucky enough to run into Kareem, who definitely has the potential turn the’s show’s current love triangle into a square. He introduces her to his fellow Red Dagger, Waleed, who gives her a handy bit of exposition. Waleed explains that Noor is one of many dimensions around them that they cannot see and shows her a visual layout of Noor in relation to her home dimension. If the ClanDestines use the bangle to tear down the veil between worlds, Kamala’s home dimension would be overtaken by Noor — which bears a somewhat striking resemblance to the Inhuman realm of Attilan. So, it’s pretty vital that Kamala protects the bangle.

While earlier in the episode Kamala’s grandmother does confirm that they are Djinn, Waleed points out that if Thor had landed in the Himalayas, he too would’ve been labeled similarly, basically dismissing the idea that Kamala is descended from the Djinn of legend. It’s also worth noting that Waleed refers to the ClanDestines separately from Aisha, implying that perhaps Kamala’s great-grandmother isn’t one of them. Kamala still has a ways to go in terms of controlling her noor powers, but we also learn that her human heritage may actually give her an advantage.

The Noor Dimension does not seem to exist in Marvel Comics, though “Ms. Marvel” did explain that noor is Urdu for light, and the Light Dimension very much does. It was discovered by a fairly minor villain by the name of Lightmaster, who found himself trapped there. There isn’t too much established about this dimension in the comics, and like most of the MCU, “Ms. Marvel” is remixing the source material anyway.

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