What Happened To The Other Love Is Blind Season 2 Cast Members?

Love is Blind Season 2 cast 30 singles in the first few episodes, however, not every contestant got the happy ending they were looking for.

Season two of Love Is Blind was filled with plenty of awkward moments, but at least a handful of couples walked away engaged. The show originally cast 30 singles from Chicago, all of whom expected to leave the pods with their future spouse. Unfortunately, that was not the case for most of them. The show is hosted by the bona fide married duo, Nick and Vanessa Lachey.

The Lachey’s have hosted this and other dating shows because of their early relationship experience. They both started in a long-distance relationship and realized that loving a person deals with more than just the physical appearance and distractions from the outside world.

Out of the 30 singles who happened to be featured on the show, six couples got engaged whilst the others remained singletons. Fans of the show were therefore only privileged to view the blossoming of the relationships of the couples who proposed. But, what happened to the other cast members who did not become fiancés and fiancées?

9 Joey Miller And Caitlin McKee Got Cozy Behind The Scenes

The couple, Joey Miller and Caitlin Mckee did not get a chance to have their love story filmed like every other couple whose viewers had a first-row seat. However, the couple did fall in love in the pods but had a more low-key experience of testing the theory of whether love is truly blind behind the scenes.

Caitlin stated in a previous Instagram post, “we may not have had the opportunity to tell our story the way the other couples did, but I truly believe that everything happens the way it is meant to.” The couple managed to begin and end their moment of intimacy off camera.

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8 Jason Beaumont and Kara Williams Also Began A Romance Off-Camera

Jason and Kara fell for each other in the pods but unlike the other six couples, viewers were not privy to see their relationship take off leaving a lot to be guessed by their fans.

Jason confirmed his and Kara’s relationship in a post on Instagram, which he later deleted for unknown reasons.

7 Fitness Enthusiast Brandon McGhee Found Love In Other Things

Brandon McGhee made his appearance in the first few episodes of the show, however, he was not so fortunate in finding love in the pods. But, as for his usual updates through his posts, fans think that his true love is working out in addition to his usual job description of an Insurance Broker. McGhee has not given viewers much to speculate on about his love life since his casting in the second season.

6 Hope Antoniello Gave The Pods A Fair Try

Like everyone else, the goal is to be marketable and likable enough to be chosen without being seen and that is exactly what Hope Antoniello did.

Plus-sized women often have to deal with the world judging their outward appearance without ever getting to know their personality and Antoniello’s goal was to change that perception while being in the pods since there is more to a person other than their looks.

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5 Chassidy Mickale Made A Bold Appearance Looking For Love

Full figured Chassidy Mickale made a bold appearance on Season 2 of the dating reality show, with hopes like everyone else of finding love in the pods. However, though that goal did not come to fruition, fans think that Chassidy is now focusing on herself, her career, and her business as an entrepreneur.

4 Love Is Blind Season 2 Met With Pizzeria Owner Vito Salamone

It is no doubt that this season of the show met with a wide range of personalities and occupations including Vito Salamone who is a pizzeria owner in Chicago. The businessman also helps to run a family catering business called CapriExpress where they cater to a wide variety of Italian cuisine.

3 Rocky Smith’s Short Appearance On The Show

Rocky Smith made a short appearance on the show and was unfortunately one of the unlucky ones when it came to finding a life partner in the pods.

However, viewers think that the contestant might have exited the show with a meaningful experience regardless of not being able to find “the one.”

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2 Haseeb Hussain Tries His Luck At Finding Love

Chicago-based Lawyer, Haseeb Hussain tried his luck at finding love in the pods on the dating reality TV show but to his disdain, his efforts were futile.

Hussain, who is of Pakistani descent seems to be keeping his fans updated with some aspects of his life through his daily Instagram posts.

1 Love Is Blind Star Aja Johnson Is A Talented Dancer

Miss Johnson made her appearance in the first few episodes of the TV series, however, she was not very fortunate to find her most suitable bachelor. Aja, who is a paralegal and a dancer by profession keep her viewers posted on Instagram and has amassed a large following with her popular dance routines.

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