What Happened To Love Island’s Mackenzie Dipman After The Show?


Whether you have to choose between the USA or the UK edition of the dating game show, one thing is certain, the entertainment, and drama that comes with both are top-notch. The 4th season of Love Island USA premiered on July 19, 2022, on the video streaming service, Peacock. Barely weeks after its premiere, the show has lived up to its name with the delivery of sizzling hot romance and twists.

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One of the twists of the new season is the return of OG Love Islander, Mackenzie Dipman, making her the first USA alum to return to the show. The Love Island alum made her reality TV debut on the reality dating game show. The blonde bombshell left halfway into the show with a potential love interest. Here’s what happened to Dipman after Love Island USA season 2.


8 Mackenzie Dipman’s Time In Love Island Season 2

The reality TV star first appeared in the second season of Love Island USA in the summer of 2020. Dipman joined the show on the first day and partnered up with Connor Trott. The partnership between the duo went on for two weeks before Dipman was paired with Jalen Noble, and finally Aaron Owen.

Barely weeks into the show, the OG Love Islander formed an on-and-off connection with her primary partner Trott. The couple’s budding on-screen romance was cut short after Dipman exited the show on the 26th day.

7 Mackenzie Dipman Dated Connor Trott

Connor Trott was red-carded two days after Mackenzie Dipman was dumped from the show. The lovebirds reunited after the show and explored the sparks that were ignited onscreen. Trott and Dipman wasted no time in sailing their relationship off the island.

While Trott and Dipman are one of the shortest-lasting Love Island couples, the relationship between the duo was brief. TheLove Island couple split up in March 2021, months after they started dating, citing long distance as the major reason for their split.

6 Mackenzie Dipman Dated Carl Radke

After Mackenzie Dipman’s whirlwind romance with Connor Trott, the Love Island alum moved on in the summer of 2021. Dipman appeared in the sixth season of Bravo’s Summer House as Carl Radke’s love interest.

Radke had favored Dipman as a perfect fit to suit his sober lifestyle, but the couple went their separate ways after a short dating stint. Radke opened up to Kyle Cooke about the reason for his breakup with Mackenzie. The Summer House star has since engaged his longtime friend, Lindsay Hubbard, leaving his former girlfriend in utter disbelief.

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5 Mackenzie Dipman Competed In A Pageant

In June 2021, the Arizona native announced that she will be competing in the Miss Arizona USA pageant. The reality TV star chose Sabino Canyon as her title for the pageant for the unraveling beauty of the outdoor recreational area.

Mackenzie Dipman enjoyed massive support from her fanbase, eventually making it to the top 28 contestants of the competition. The Miss Arizona USA 2021 pageant was not Dipman’s first as she had competed in 2014 for the crown of Miss Arizona Teen USA.

4 Mackenzie Dipman Started A Podcast

In October 2021, the Love Island alum debuted her podcast show titled Out Of His League on three streaming platforms. Per the Apple podcast preview, Dipman’s Out Of His League focuses on a wide range of topics, from football to first dates.

The podcast has decent followership with a 4.5-star rating. In January 2022, the reality TV star launched the Out Of His League merch in honor of the podcast.

3 Mackenzie Dipman Influenced For Brands

The Love Island alum earned a massive following on her social media after her appearance on the show. With over 320k on Instagram, the reality TV star is one of the most followed contestants of the franchise. Due to Dipman’s Instagram cred, the podcast host has attracted influencer deals with brands looking to gain a wider reach.

Dipman has rendered her services to fashion and beauty brands including Nova Beauty and Nadine Merabi.

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2 Mackenzie Dipman Graduated From College

At the time when Mackenzie Dipman joined the reality dating show in the summer of 2020, the reality Tv star was a student at Arizona State University. After the show, the Arizona native graduated with a B.A. in Mass Communications and Media Studies and a minor in Justice Studies. The Love Island alum earned her degree after six years with two gap years and a handful of part-time jobs.

1 Is Mackenzie Dipman Returning To Love Island?

The bombshell blonde of Love Island is making a grand return to the show two years after she first appeared on the dating game show. In August, the franchise announced Dipman’s return to the show after 5 Love Islanders were dumped from the show.

The 25-year-old has been given a second chance at finding love on the show after failing at her first trial. While Dipman is excited at another opportunity to play the game, fans of the show are indifferent about her return.