What Happened Between Florence Pugh And Shia LaBeouf?


Olivia Wilde’s Don’t Worry Darling has been marred with controversy since production. It all started with the director dating the film’s lead actor, Harry Styles after her breakup with her longtime partner, Jason Sudeikis — who also sent her custody papers while she was onstage promoting the psychological thriller.

The media also reported that Shia LaBeouf was initially set to play the role of the As It Was hitmaker. However, Wilde fired him over “combative energy,” implying that lead actress Florence Pugh was uncomfortable working with him.


But recently, the controversial actor revealed that he “quit the film due to lack of rehearsal time.” Leaked texts between him and the Black Widow star also back up his claims. Here’s what really happened between LaBeouf and Pugh.

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The Real Reason Olivia Wilde ‘Fired’ Shia LaBeouf From ‘Don’t Worry Darling’

In her new cover story with Variety, Wilde opened up about firing LaBeouf in 2020. The studio cited “scheduling conflict” at the time, but according to the filmmaker, the actor’s method made his co-stars feel unsafe. “I say this as someone who is such an admirer of his work. His process was not conducive to the ethos that I demand in my productions,” Wilde told the magazine.

“He has a process that, in some ways, seems to require a combative energy, and I don’t personally believe that is conducive to the best performances,” she continued. “I believe that creating a safe, trusting environment is the best way to get people to do their best work. Ultimately, my responsibility is to the production and to the cast to protect them. That was my job.”

Shortly after LaBeouf’s exit from Don’t Worry Darling, his ex-girlfriend FKA Twigs sued him for battery. Soon, the actor also stepped away from his management and entered an inpatient facility. “A lot came to light after this happened that really troubled me, in terms of his behavior,” Wilde said of the Transformers star. “I find myself just really wishing him health and evolution because I believe in restorative justice.”

She also noted that it didn’t feel right for Pugh to work with him on the movie. “But for our film, what we really needed was an energy that was incredibly supportive,” the director explained. “Particularly with a movie like this, I knew that I was going to be asking Florence to be in very vulnerable situations, and my priority was making her feel safe and making her feel supported.”

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What Shia Labeouf Said About Leaving ‘Don’t Worry Darling’

In an email sent to Wilde, LaBeouf responded to the director’s Variety cover story, denying that he was fired from Don’t Worry Darling. “What inspired this email today is your latest Variety story. I am greatly honored by your words on my work; thank you, that felt good to read,” he wrote. “I am a little confused about the narrative that I was fired, however. You and I both know the reasons for my exit. I quit your film because your actors & I couldn’t find time to rehearse.”

He also admitted that “the news of my firing is attractive clickbait” but that he’s worried about his five-month-old daughter, Isabela reading false gossip about him someday. The new father also acknowledged Twigs’ accusations. “My failings with Twigs are fundamental and real, but they are not the narrative that has been presented,” he wrote.

“There is a time and a place to deal with such things, and I am trying to navigate a nuanced situation with respect for her and the truth, hence my silence,” LaBeouf continued. “But this situation with your film and my ‘firing’ will never have a court date with which to deal with the facts. If lies are repeated enough in the public they become truth. And so, it makes it that much harder for me to crawl out of the hole I have dug with my behaviors, to be able to provide for my family.”

The actor concluded his email by asking Wilde to “correct the narrative” and wishing her success. “Firing me never took place, Olivia. And while I fully understand the attractiveness of pushing that story because of the current social landscape, the social currency that brings. It is not the truth,” said the Fury star. “So I am humbly asking, as a person with an eye toward making things right, that you correct the narrative as best you can. I hope none of this negatively effects you, and that your film is successful in all the ways you want it to be.”

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Leaked Texts Show That Florence Pugh & Shia LaBeouf Aren’t Feuding

Recently, text messages between Pugh and LaBeouf were leaked. The exchange shows that the two never had bad blood in the first place. The former even offered the latter to “vent” about the drama. After that, the Midsommar star even expressed her confusion about the actor’s concerns that she’s “scared” of him. “That’s sad, where did you get me being scared of you from?” she wrote. “Don’t be silly. I’m sorry that you feel that way.”

Before texting Wilde that he was leaving the film, LaBeouf informed Pugh of his decision, saying that the issues on set are more than scheduling conflicts. “Seems clear we have bigger problems than dates,” he texted the lead actress. “I will back out in the morning.”

Wilde is yet to comment on the leaked correspondence. But fans are convinced she’s feuding with Pugh as the director dodged questions about her and Labeouf at the Venice Film Festival press conference. During the premiere, Styles was also filmed “spitting” on another DWD star, Chris Pine.

One thing’s for sure — fans are now invested in the drama and are looking forward to seeing the film when it premieres in US cinemas on September 23, 2022.