What Are The Stars Of Chasing Cameron Doing Now?

The Netflix reality show Chasing Cameron gave fans the opportunity to see the behind-the-scenes chaos of touring with MAGCON boys. MAGCON stands for “Meet and Greet Convention.” Between 2013 and 2017, fans would be able to attend concerts and meet-and-greets featuring their favorite boys from Vine and other social media platforms.

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Cameron Dallas, Aaron Carpenter, Nash Grier, Jack & Jack, Matthew Espinosa, Carter Reynolds, and Shawn Mendes (yes, that Shawn Mendes) were all members of the original MAGCON group. Thousands of fans would pay anywhere from $30 to $150 just for the chance of getting a picture with these boys. In 2016, the Netflix show, Chasing Cameron, provided viewers with an intimate look into these boys’ lives and their rise to fame at the beginning of the era of social media influencing. Though the show only had one season, the stars of Chasing Cameron have continued to be successful in social media, fashion, and music.

9 Cameron Dallas

Over the past few years, Cameron Dallas has been getting his career back on track after being arrested for assault back in 2018. He has since undergone treatment for addiction. In 2020, he starred as Aaron Samuels in the Mean Girls musical on Broadway. He has also continued to work in fashion as he is currently working with Italian luxury fashion brand Fendi.


8 Aaron Carpenter

Since the end of Chasing Cameron, Aaron Carpenter has continued with his music career. He signed with Capitol Records in 2019 and released a few singles, including “Bite,” “You,” and “Proud.” He is still friends with Cameron Dallas, and he is currently dating model Connar Franklin. He and his girlfriend are also included in Selena Gomez’s famous friend group.

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7 Taylor Caniff

The ever so controversial Taylor “Where Are My Per Diems” Caniff’s career and social media comments have been plagued by allegations of transphobia. Still, like Cameron and Aaron, he has also moved beyond social media. He has been able to move into the NFT and cryptocurrency industry. The 26-year-old Indiana native works with NFT Marketplace and Creator Marketplace.

6 Willie Jones

Willie Jones has continued to release music that fuses the country and hip-pop genres. In 2021, he released his debut album, Right Now, with The Penthouse/EMPIRE. This album included his hit single “American Dream,” which has been featured on both the CMT and BET networks. Amazon Music named him a 2022 Artist to Watch.

5 Trey Schafer

Trey Schafer used to tour with MAGCON, and he has continued to pursue music. In 2018, he released an EP called Love Finesse. He has also released many singles, including “Patience,” “Home,” “Be Something” and “Face It.” He announced on his Instagram that he will be releasing a new song called “Somewhere” on June 29th. This announcement was met with supportive comments from Kacey Musgraves, Kalin White, and excited fans.

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4 Bart Bordelon

Bart Bordelon founded MAGCON in 2013. He managed the MAGCON tours and its stars. He was responsible for assembling Aaron Carpenter, Camron Dallas, Shawn Mendes, Nash Grier, and other social media stars to form MAGCON. He was heavily featured on the show, and he continues to be active on social media with throwbacks pictures of himself and former MACGON boys, as well as his family.

3 Sierra Dallas

Sierra Dallas is Cameron Dallas’s older sister. On the Chasing Cameron, Cameron revealed his close relationship with his mom and sister. Sierra is also big on social media herself. Since the show’s end, she has gotten married to Brent Mallozzi. They have a daughter named Capri and son named Callum. Sierra is currently pregnant with their third child.

2 Blake Gray

Blake Gray has certainly grown up since appearing on Chasing Cameron. His presence has continued to grow on social media. The 21-year-old has gotten big on TikTok, and he is now dating TikToker and activist Amelie Zilber. He has also starred in Hrvy and Loren Gray’s music video for “Personal,” and he currently works with Ralph Lauren.

1 Are The MAGCON Boys Still Friends?

In the entertainment industry, it seems that it can often be difficult to maintain genuine friendships and relationships for an extended period of time. That does not seem to the case for many of the MAGCON boys. Aaron Carpenter and Cameron Dallas still post pictures together. All the boys seem to still follow each other on Instagram, proving that they were able to build a real family off-camera. Their natural chemistry is likely what made them so successful on social media in the first place.

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