What Are The Longest Lasting Netflix Original Series?

Although Netflix ran into trouble in 2022 with a loss of subscribers and an increasingly saturated market of streaming services, the platform still offers a diverse array of content. From kid’s shows to serious dramas, Netflix has original shows in almost every genre imaginable. But, Netflix also has a track record of canceling popular shows too early, much to the annoyance of fans. While shows like The Ranch and Gracie and Frankie have long tenures, shows like Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Glow were cut despite praise from both fans and critics.

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But some shows have dodged the Netflix chopping block. Some of them even got close to 100 episodes. These are the longest-lasting original Netflix series, and by original we mean original! For the sake of time and space, this list focuses on shows that were not reboots or the Marvel shows that eventually moved to Disney+. This list also does not feature the talk shows that Netflix has run, those kinds of shows release so many episodes in so short amount of time that it is unfair to call them “long-lasting.” Like Chelsea, sure it aired 120 episodes but it only lasted 2 seasons, and therefore did not make the cut. That said, here is the final list.

9 13 Reasons Why

Although the show is controversial, it has endured an impressive tenure on Netflix. The show that follows the after-effects of a mysterious suicide by a high school student has garnered a lot of attention, and criticism. Several advocates for mental health awareness were not okay with how the show portrayed suicide, and many argue the show belittles the mental health of teens. Still, the show lasted for 4 seasons and 51 episodes.


8 Big Mouth

Nick Kroll’s animated series about the painful awkwardness of teenhood can proudly claim to be one of Netflix’s longest-lasting with 5 seasons and 51 episodes as of 2022. Along with Kroll, the show features a variety of well-known comedy actors, like Jenny Slate and Nick Kroll.

7 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

With 30 Rock’s Tina Fey at the helm running the show and with the kooky antics of Ellie Kemper as the lead character, fans were delighted time and time again by this comedy. A kidnapped girl is rescued after a cult leader kept her trapped underground for several years and the show follows her misadventures as she rejoins the outside world. The show ran into a few controversies when Asian activists called out Tina Fey for her stereotypical Asian characters and her use of yellowface. Before coming to a conclusion, the show ran for 4 seasons but spun out 51 episodes.

6 Trollhunters

Horror and fantasy mastermind Guillermo Del Toro brought us this animated show about high schoolers who protect an underground society of trolls from the evils that try to invade and destroy their world. Although it only has 3 seasons to its name, it lasted 52 episodes.

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5 House Of Cards

House of Cards is one of the oldest Netflix original series and is arguably one of the shows that turned it into a respectable television network, not just a movie streaming website. Although the show’s lead actor Kevin Spacey was fired after being accused of sexual abuse, the showrunners pressed forward with the story until the show hit 73 episodes in 6 seasons.

4 Bojack Horseman

This animated adult cartoon is different from others like The Simpsons or King of The Hill in that it relies much more on black comedy and dramatic scenes than it does anything else. The show has numerous famous voices behind the scenes like Will Arnett, Paul F. Tompkins, Alison Brie, and Amie Sedaris. With 77 episodes in six seasons, this is also one of the few Netflix shows to get syndication on cable networks like Adult Swim and Comedy Central.

3 The Ranch

Like House of Cards, this show had to shift gears after one of its stars, Danny Masterson, was called out for sexual abuse at the dawn of the MeToo Movement. Before the allegations came out, fans enjoyed seeing Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson reunite because it had been years since they worked together on That 70s Show. The talent of Western star Sam Elliot also added a genuine cowboy touch to the show, which endured for 8 seasons and 80 episodes.

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2 Orange Is The New Black

This show exploded in popularity when it first aired. Inspired by a true story from a best-selling book, the show is about a woman who is convicted of a crime she committed with a lover she had been broken up with several years before her arrest and it follows her life in prison and the lives of those on her cell block. The show launched the careers of stars like Laverne Cox and Uzo Aduba. It was also a huge boost for the careers of Laura Pepron and Natasha Lyonne. In seven seasons, the show made it to 91 episodes.

1 Gracie And Frankie

The award for longest-running Netflix original series belongs to Gracie and Frankie. Jane Fonda, Sam Waterson, Martin Sheen, and Lily Tomlin brought this down-to-earth show about love, friendship, and gay marriage to life with their dynamics and chemistry on screen. Gracie and Frankie lasted 7 seasons and a whopping 94 episodes.

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