Wendy Williams Is Already Lining Up Celeb Guests For Her Podcast


It appears that Wendy Williams is officially making the switch from television to podcasting, as the former talk show host is reportedly lining up guests to appear on her podcast, which is yet to launch.

Last month, it was reported that Wendy was shopping around for a podcast deal. The television personality apparently had already been approached with multiple offers, and Wendy is hoping to score a deal with iHeart Radio and Spotify.

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The Think Like A Man star is also hoping for a huge payout. The same report claimed she was expecting at least $100 million for the podcast deal. “She sees Joe Rogan has a $100 million podcast deal, and now she wants that kind of money,” a source told The Sun.


However, it appears Wendy may have already inked a deal, given the recent words of her manager.

Wendy Already Has A Bunch Of Famous Guests Lined Up

Speaking to TMZ, Wendy’s manager Will Selby opened up about her plans for the podcast, which he’ll be executive producing.

The manager explained that Wendy is already in talks with Snoop Dogg and Fat Joe to make guest appearances on the show. He added that she’s also been speaking to the Kardashians, though he didn’t name which family member may appear.

Wendy’s transition to the podcast world comes after The Wendy Williams Show was cancelled following its 13th season. The final premiere’s season was delayed several times due to Wendy’s reported health issues.

In the meantime, various celebrity guests filled Wendy’s role before the network eventually axed it. One of Wendy’s fill-in hosts, Sherri Shepherd, is starting a new show that will take the empty slot.

Shortly after the news broke, Wendy vowed that she’d return to T.V. one way or another. “This is what I would love to say to my ‘Wendy’ watchers: Keep watching because I’m going to be back on the Wendy show. Bigger and brighter than ever,” she said in March.

Her cancelled T.V. show isn’t the only drama Wendy has faced in the last year. The host is currently suing her bank Wells Fargo for preventing her from accessing her account. The bank argues that the move was done in Wendy’s best interest and on the recommendation of her former financial advisor, Lori Schiller, who claims the television personality is of “unsound mind.”

The lawsuit remains ongoing.

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