Watch: Naagin 6 Today’s Written Update Episode: Pratha Kills Lady Doctor?

Watch: Naagin 6 Today’s Written Update Episode: Pratha Kills Lady Doctor?, #Watch #Naagin #Todays #Written #Update #Episode #Pratha #Kills #Lady #Doctor Welcome to O L A S M E D I A TV N E W S, This is what we have for you today:

In the latest episode of Naagin 6, Pratha takes her Sheshnaagin form. After knowing the truth about the lady doctor plotting with Mehek to kill her unborn baby in the hospital, she punishes them. Here, Urvashi asks Meher to wear a lehenga and to please Shakti by going to the secret room. She tells her that he is the biggest asset to her plans right now. Rishabh is threatened with having everything taken away by Shakti, who tries to impose himself on Mehek. Rishabh is urged to approach Kiara more closely by Mehek.

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In the secret room, Urvashi conceals Rishabh’s twin brother Shakti, who Mehek used to murder Samaira and turn on Pratha in order to convince her that Rishabh had an affair. Kiara, who resembles Pratha and is engaged to Rajesh Pratap Singh, is confronted by Rishabh because he still has feelings for her. Two of Rehan Gujral’s friends were killed by Sheshnaagin for attempting to * harass a female by luring her into their trap.

Using her Sheshnaagin form, Pratha tracks out the female doctor who collaborated with Mehek to murder Mehek’s unborn child. Pratha observes the female doctor requesting bribes from parents looking for their child’s dead body. Pratha poses as the doctor to sign the documents on behalf of the parents without demanding payment. When the doctor finds out, Pratha transforms into Sheshnaagin and murders her.

Pratha makes a vow to Lord Shiva that she won’t be kind to anyone who betrayed her. Mehek is instructed by Urvashi to put on a crimson lehenga and enter the hidden chamber since Shakti wants to see her. Pratha and Rajesh talk about why Urvashi and Mehek are so determined to own the land and what exactly is so significant about it. Pratha praises Rajesh for all of his assistance and instructs him to sell them the land.

Urvashi receives a call from Rajesh telling her to meet him the following day at the plot they want to purchase. Urvashi then tells Mehek to get ready quickly so they may meet Shakti sooner. Vihaan loses money gambling and faces threats from thugs. While he is having * in his automobile with Riya, Rehan receives a call from Urvashi. Rehan informs Urvashi that he will drive her to the location of their appointment with Rajesh.


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