VIDEO: Dogwood Dell Shooting 4th July, Fourth Mass Shooting Took Place In Richmond, Suspect Name & Pics!


VIDEO: Dogwood Dell Shooting 4th July, Fourth Mass Shooting Took Place In Richmond, Suspect Name & Pics!, #VIDEO #Dogwood #Dell #Shooting #4th #July #Fourth #Mass #Shooting #Place #Richmond #Suspect #Pics Welcome to O L A S M E D I A TV N E W S, This is what we have for you today:

In this article, we are going to tell you a piece of very shocking news we are getting this news straight away as we have seen a mass shooting during the July 4 celebration which took place in Richmond Virginia. So hero who has been hearing this conversation that among shooting was going to plan and has been done on this particular day of celebration and he immediately get back to the police and the chief and he transferred the information into the police on July 1 however this is a piece of very great news for everyone but they do not have to make any noise that they no about the situation in advance however the mp3ter seats has been reserved for 2400 people according to the website. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Dogwood Dell Shooting 4th July

Dogwood Dell Shooting 4th July

However, on the same day police decided that they will be going to the residence are the thousand blocks of Columbia Ave. However, when the police reach there they also found a lot of dangerous weapons and ammunition police were going through everything very carefully so that they could not miss out on anyone and at last, they also found a salt Rifle which was having one handgun and 223 rounds of ammunition at the home. Police have started getting about the whole case and they have also found on suspect and also arrested him on a Friday night they have also arrested a second person who is under survivance and was being arrested on Tuesday.

Dogwood Dell Shooting Suspect & Pics

Talking about both of the people who were arrested on Friday as well as on Tuesday so they have been charged with being noncitizens in the position of these weapons and carrying firearms however they were completely planning to shoot on the 4th July of celebration however they are still not able to get that what was the most behind the shooting and why they have the plan to kill the people on the celebration of July 4. Police also came to know that both of them are still residing at the same location and they have been held without a bond at Richmond City Jail.

Who Are The Victims Of Dogwood Dell Shooting July 4?

Police are undergoing the investigation and they have collaborated with the law of enforcement and all the partners that have been included in the communities so that they can stop however they were successful enough so they have been stopping a terrible day that could be very scary moment for everyone. As we live in this generation and this country where the Mars shooting has become normal and we do not knows a person more behind attempting and going through the mass shooting in the country but we can say that no one is immune.

Not only the police but the department of United States of Homeland security and the FBI were also included in this particular investigation however talking about the information and details about the smart shooting that would have been conducted on July 4 so police have not investigated and they are not telling about the details for the mark shooting has been initiated and what was the reason behind this March shooting however everyone is great for that this particular person has saved a lot of people living through one phone call because we know that public safety is a responsibility for all.


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