Vecna’s Ties To The Mind Flayer In Stranger Things 4 Explained

Henry/One/Vecna first tried to attack our world by possessing Will Byers, but wasn’t strong enough to make it happen. He again tried with Billy, but his plan was foiled yet again by Eleven. He attacked her yet again in season 3 through the Mind Flayer, who bit her and implanted a worm in her leg. After Jonathan removes the worm from her body, she discovers her powers are gone, but unbeknownst to her, it’s because Vecna sucked her power out through the worm.

Now in possession of her power, Vecna was finally strong enough to enter the minds of his victims, and created the necessary four gates to bring The Upside Down to our world. Fortunately, whether Vecna knows it or not, Will Byers is still connected to his hive mind, having felt his presence in the final moments of season 4. With Max in a coma but still alive, there’s a good chance she’ll also be connected to Vecna if/when she finally wakes up. No matter what Vecna has in store for season 5, we can take solace in knowing Eleven, Will, and the rest of the gang are going to be ready to take him down once and for all.

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