Tyrese Once Bought His 8-Year-Old Daughter An Entire Island, Here’s How It All Went Down

When you’re rich and famous, most things aren’t off limits. Celebs have been spending wads of cash on outrageous stuff for years. Whether they’re an MMA superstar, a popular actor, or one of the best musicians alive, rich people love spending money on outrageous things.

Tyrese Gibson has been famous and wealthy for years, and he’s no stranger to spending a ton of cash. In fact, years ago, he made waves when he announced that he bought his daughter an entire island.

Let’s take a look at Tyrese and his lavish purchase for his then 8-year-old kid.


Tyrese Has Had A Successful Career

Having been involved in singing and acting since the 1990s, Tyrese Gibson is a performer that millions of people around the world are familiar with. He has found success in every venture that he has tried, which has aided him in becoming a famous and long-standing figure in Hollywood.

During his music career, Gibson would go on to sell over 3 million albums, which is quite impressive. It has been a number of years since his last album, Black Rose, though it does appear that he has a fresh album on the way.

On the big screen, Tyrese Gibson has done a lot of successful work. 2001’s Baby Boy was a nice start, but in 2003, everything changed for the actor when he played Roman Pearce for the first time in the film 2 Fast 2 Furious. From there, things were taken to another level.

Gibson has been a fixture in the Fast & Furious franchise since 2003, but he has also appeared in other hit films. He has been in movies like Four Brothers, Transformers, The Christmas Chronicles 2, and even 2022s Morbius, which is more of a meme than anything.

After years in the business, Tyrese has assembled a respectable fortune that any person would be lucky to have

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His Net Worth Is $6 Million

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Tyrese is currently worth $6 million. This is not as much as some of his famous co-stars, but being worth millions of dollars would be a nice change for millions of people out there.

Though there is little known about how much he makes per picture, we imagine that the Fast & Furious franchise pays him well. After all, he’s been around for years now, and Vin Diesel is known to take care of his family.

There was a point when the actor hit some rough financial times, which did reveal some interesting tidbits about his money and spending habits

“In a court filing around this time, Tyrese listed his monthly income at $105,000, which sounds like a lot but unfortunately he also listed his monthly expenses as $107,000. Tyrese further claimed to have just $900,000 in the bank and real estate assets worth $1.7 million. He also owed his lawyers around $133,000,’ Celebrity Net Worth writes.

Like other celebrities before him, Tyrese has made some outrageous purchases in the past. At one point, the actor made headlines when it was discovered that he purchased an entire island for his child, who was just eight at the time.

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He Once Bought His Kid An Island

According to Essence, “Tyrese Gibson doesn’t hold back when it comes to gift giving. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Gibson talked about his 8-year-old daughter, Shayla, whom he recently co-wrote a book series with. When asked what he’ll be giving her for Christmas, the “Fast and Furious” star didn’t have much to say; however, he said he recently gave her the most lavish gift ever: her own island.”

That’s right, the actor bought an entire island for his child.

He would go on to say, “Can’t say [where]. She knows all about it and the island is called Love Island. I’ll be putting it up on my Facebook soon.”

As you can imagine, people were completely floored that Gibson would drop money on an entire island, but such is life when you are rich and famous. After all, Tyrese is hardly the first actor to spend money on a private island. Stars like Celine Dion, Faith Hill, and even Johnny Depp have all purchased islands for themselves. It’s not common, per se, but it’s not unheard of.

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Tyrese has not said much about the island since purchasing it, and fans are still curious to know more about the island that he brought for his kid. Hopefully, she will get to go and enjoy it one day.

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