Tristan Spohn Loved Shaving His Head For Stranger Things


The world flocked to Tristan Spohn after his recent reoccurring role in the highly-acclaimed new season of Stranger Things. And honestly? We can’t blame them after seeing his incredible performance. We recently got to see even more of #002 in the second part of the series, which was just released on Netflix on July 1st.

TheThings sat down with the 22-year-old actor once again to hear about his favorite scenes of this season, shaving his head, and the questions he needs to be answered in Season 5.

Warning: The following article contains minor spoilers for Stranger Things season 4.


Tristan Spohn’s Favorite Scenes From Season 4 Of Stranger Things

Season 4 of Stranger Things was an emotional and controversial rollercoaster for us all. But through it all we got timeless scenes that will constantly be stuck in our heads until Season 5. Tristan just revealed to us that his favorite scene that he was personally a part of is the new electrocution scene.

“The electrocution scene because I only got it a few days before filming it, and it’s my scene everyone talks about the most. Made me realize how much more important it is for me to follow instinct than scene breakdown.”

But, is the season as a whole? His all-time favorite scenes are from the character pairing we truly didn’t expect.

Chrissy and Eddie in his trailer. I loved the chemistry between the actors, I loved how brutal the introduction to Vecna was, and I felt they did such a beautiful job transitioning from Vecna to Real World.

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Tristan Loved Shaving His Head For The Role

In order to play his character #002, Tristan, just like all of the other actors playing Hawkins Lab kids, had to shave his head for the role. And while it might have been traumatic for a few of them, the young actor found it to be quite therapeutic. “It was honestly like a rebirth“, he quickly remarks.

“My hair has always been my most complimented feature, so I loved having the opportunity to, in some way, rebuild aspects of my identity” he reveals. “I didn’t realize just how tied to our identity all of those physical characteristics can be until I experienced that drastic change.

Seeing a new person in the mirror in some ways makes it easier to behave like a new person, getting rid of old patterns that hadn’t been serving me.

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Questions That Tristan Wants Answered In Season 5

Even from the audience’s perspective, there are a lot of plot holes within the season that we want to be answered. Luckily, Tristan also has questions about the future storylines of the show.

Of course, I would love to flesh out Two’s backstory since he was the very first number after One. I think it could be fun to explore the trial error of creating the numbers. Was Two the first Two or were there other failed experiments before him?

“I personally feel like the Duffers gave a good explanation of how the numbers were created and ultimately destroyed,” he defends. “So I don’t think there are big unanswered questions I can think of that the show would need to explore.”

The performer also has a question about the character Dr. Brenner that may even spark a few deals over on Netflix. “What was his ultimate goal in creating all the numbers? That could be its own prequel mini series.”

With a rising podcast and an upcoming film project underway, we truly can’t wait to see what else this young actor is going to accomplish. And if you haven’t yet, catch him in both chapters of Stranger Things season 4 on Netflix!

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