Travis Scott Isn’t With Kylie Jenner For The Right Reasons, Here’s What The Experts Are Saying

Recently, fans have been feeling like there’s something wrong with Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s relationship. It started after the rapper posted a confusing Father’s Day Instagram Story where the Kylie Cosmetics founder was seen cooking with her back to the camera. “Shawty in here throwing that a** down !!!!” captioned the controversial Astroworld artist. The rapper quickly turned down the photo.

Meanwhile, The Kardashians star posted a wholesome tribute to him for the occasion—a photo of him with their two kids in bed. “Happy father’s day daddyyyyy we love you,” Jenner wrote in the caption. According to a relationship expert, their social media activities show some serious differences between their priorities as parents—a red flag, especially if fans are right about them being secretly married…


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Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott’s Instagram Posts Are Too Different

Speaking to Nicki Swift, relationship expert and life coach Nicole Moore explained why Scott and Jenner’s social media posts “matter” in their relationship. “Kylie and Travis post so infrequently about each other on social media that we have to assume that when they do choose to post about the other person, it matters in some way,” she said. She first cited the reality star’s Father’s Day tribute to the musician. “Kylie sees Travis as a great father. She sees him with ‘heart eyes’ and wants the world to see him. Kylie shared a photo of Travis lying in bed with their two kids cuddling on him,” Moore said of the photo.

“This picture was 100% meant to induce an ‘awww, Travis is a great Dad’ feeling out of the viewers,” she continued. “It’s highlighting him in the best possible light as there’s nothing that will make a man seem more good on social media than portraying him as a good father.” The Love Works Method founder noted that Scott’s Instagram Story of Jenner sends a completely different message. “Let’s contrast that with the picture Travis chose to share … and that’s a picture of Kylie cooking, showing her from behind and highlighting her prominent backside,” Moore said. “His post was clearly about Kylie’s body and bragging about it.”

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Travis Scott’s Priorities Don’t Seem To Align With Kylie Jenner’s

According to Moore,what Scott and Jenner’s posts “chose to highlight about the other person” shows a “very clear” contrast between their views. The relationship expert added that the once-named “youngest self-made billionaire of all time” shares photos of Scott that “[demonstrate] … that she sees the best in him, she might even feel like she sees the ‘real’ Travis.” According to Moore, Jenner’s Father’s Day post particularly “showed that she values Travis for who he is as a person” and “sees him as someone that contributes to the family.”

“Kylie is choosing to highlight Travis as a person, share his character and highlight the very best aspects of him,” continued the life coach. Meanwhile, the rapper seems to be focused on Jenner’s looks when posting about her. He “didn’t share anything about her personality, her mothering skills or any other good qualities,” said Moore. “He chose to highlight her sexual appeal, indicating that perhaps he sees her as a point of sexual gratification first above all of her other qualities.”

The love expert said that such behavior “says something about where his priorities lie or at the very least, that he isn’t consciously thinking about how to spotlight Kylie in the best possible light.” She added that “Travis is consciously choosing to share about Kylie’s looks and what she does for him, not about her character or other positive characteristics.”

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Are Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Secretly Married?

In March 2022, Jenner sparked engagement rumors when she posted a photo on her Instagram Story showing two very symbolic rings on her left ring finger: a diamond-filled band and a smaller gold band. The business mogul never commented on the speculations and has been silent about her rekindled romance with Scott. The two broke up in October 2019 and got back together in June 2021. According to an insider, the two “are not engaged,” let alone married.

The “speculation is not true at all. They are not engaged,” the source told E! News. They added that the couple is focused on “accommodating two kids at the same time” back then. “Kylie and Travis are both doing really well together and are adjusting to a new schedule,” they shared. “They had their routine down with Stormi, so they are now having to get back into the swing of things like having to be up at all hours of the night and accommodating two kids at the same time.”

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