Time Hasn’t Made Fans More Receptive to Surprise MCU Phase Four Villain


via Marvel Studios/Disney Plus

The MCU‘s Phase Four has had some extreme highs, for sure, but it’s also delivered a bunch of extremely divisive entries, too. One of those that splits fans the most is The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, from its shortchanging of Sebastian Stan’s Bucky to the final reveal about the Power Broker. The Madripoor-based crime boss was ultimately revealed to be none other than Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp).

The twist was supposed to be a thrilling shock that left folks eager to see where the character went next. In actual fact, it left viewers scratching their heads at how and why Steve Rogers’ old ally had (power) broken bad. Over a year later, fans are still not over the nonsensical revelation, with Marvel diehards ripping the Sharon surprise to pieces all over again on the r/MarvelStudios subreddit.

After u/anthonystrader18 asked the community for their thoughts on Sharon as the Power Broker, the floodgates opened once more as fans explained why they hate the dumb development so much.

For most folks, it seems to be a question of logic, or lack thereof.

What the heck was Sharon playing at?

Others had a one-word defense for the twist:

Yes, it’s widely assumed that Sharon’s heel-turn towards villainy must mean that she’s actually a Skrull replacement. But some don’t think that explains her weird actions.

To be fair, though, maybe Sharon does have reasons to go to the dark side.

And this definitely made Sharon a more memorable character.

What would Zombie Aunt Peggy say about all this? Tsk tsk.

Clearly, we’re going to need some further answers and info to fix the craziness of the Power Broker twist. Right now, though, it’s unclear where Sharon could show up next. Captain America 4 seems like the best bet, given that Falcon writers Malcolm Spellman and Dalan Musson are set to pen the screenplay. That’s likely years away, though, so the fans might be left grumbling about this one for a long while to come.