This is Homelander’s Ultimate Goal According to ‘The Boys’ Star

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Homelander has never been a shallow villain, and while it may seem like he isn’t much besides a megalomaniac obsessed with the idea of being loved, The Boys alum Antony Starr thinks there’s something awfully terrifying about the fact that this seemingly invincible, omnipotent supervillain has never really earned the things he deeply desires, and “God help the world” if he ever does.

Following the successful and satisfying conclusion of the third season on Friday, Starr has recently had a chat with ComicBook to discuss his character’s journey in the most recent Boys run. According to him, now that Homelander is essentially free to do whatever he wants and still retain that cult of worship around, he’ll get even more unhinged from here on out.

I think the character’s end game is in direct odds and direct opposition with reality. I think he would love to have a family. And I think it’s all dressed up in fantasy. It’s all wrapped up in fantasy, everything that he really wants. And I think if he ever got what he wanted, he wouldn’t know how to stop. I think he needs to be pushing against something to have any sort of identity and he really doesn’t have much of an identity. So, God help the world if he gets what he wants.

With all the crimes and atrocities Homelander has committed in this outing, it’s frightening to comprehend that we’ve yet to see him at his worst. Yes, Homelander with nothing to lose is scary — and we were a hair’s breadth from seeing that insanity unfold in season 3 — but Homelander with a green light to do and say as he pleases heralds a bone-chilling power dynamic in future seasons, one that our underpowered gang of misfits may be ill-prepared to tackle.

You can now stream all eight episodes of The Boys season 3 on Prime Video.

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