This Friends Guest-Star Said She Was Shocked By Her Emmy Award For Appearing On The Show

Friends truly had some iconic guest-stars. The likes of Robin Williams and Billy Crystal were brilliant, though there were some negatives such as Fisher Stevens who did not make a great impression on the cast.

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Christina Applegate will always go down among the elite to appear on the show. Not only was she brilliant as Rachel’s sister, but she also had a great relationship with the cast.

We’ll take a look at that along with why she was shocked by her Emmy win.


Christina Applegate Had A Close Connection To The Friends Cast

Friends had so many memorable guest-stars over the course of its ten season long run. Among the most popular always includes Christina Applegate, who played the role of Rachel’s sister.

The actress blended with the cast immediately and a major reason for it was her familiarity with many of the main stars. She revealed alongside Today that she knew most of the cast for years prior to appearing on the sitcom.

“I’ve known Matthew Perry since we were kids,” she said. “We did a movie called ‘Dance Until Dawn’ together when we were little babies. But I’ve known him for 100 years. (David) Schwimmer’s amazing and Lisa and Courteney (Cox), I’ve known from like, 20-something years prior. It was just a great group, a lot of love there.”

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Applegate also worked alongside Matt LeBlanc in Married With Children during the ’90s and after the show, she became very close to Jennifer Aniston as the two really hit it off.

“We hung out for a while after that, and I really, really do love her.”

A major added bonus turned out to be an Emmy-award Applegate did not anticipate.

Christina Applegate Was Shocked By Her Emmy Award And Nomination Because She Didn’t See The Role As Work

From mocking Phoebe to forgetting Emma’s name, Applegate had so many memorable moments during her portrayal of Rachel’s sister, despite the fact that it was very brief and should’ve been longer.

Applegate had a blast, though she never could have predicted an Emmy out of it.

“It was shocking that I was nominated for the episodes I did because it honestly didn’t feel like work,” she said.

“And it didn’t feel like I was doing anything special in any way. I was just having so much fun. I really was in shock when that happened. It was one of those moments of, like, ‘why … what, me?’ Like in ‘Sixteen Candles’ when she’s like ‘Me?’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah, you.’ That’s how I felt when they said my name.”

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Applegate credited her character’s lack of self-awareness skills and having no filter for the success. In addition, she had several memorable moments, one of which was completely unscripted and took place on the spot.

Applegate’s Favorite Moment On Friends Was Not Part Of The Script

Mocking Phoebe’s name was among Applegate’s top moments. In truth, the moment was completely organic as the Friends writers rewrote the line on the spot.

The actress recalled alongside Today, “I think my favorite line, though, is when I keep saying Lisa’s (Kudrow) name wrong. And then she goes, ‘Phoebe.’ And I say, ‘Why does she keep making that noise?’ That was written as a rewrite in front of the audience, and I thought it was hilarious.”

Ultimately, the star admitted that her favorite moment actually took place behind the camera alongside the cast. “Just hanging out with the cast. That was really the best part of the week because they’re just such a great group of people, really fun and funny. And it’s easy and it wasn’t a hard job. It felt like I got to just hang out with a bunch of people and socialize for a couple of days. And then in the middle of it, we shot a show.”

It all turned out to be quite the experience for Applegate, winning an award and having a blast.

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