This Beloved Pakistani Heartthrob Just Made His MCU Debut In Ms. Marvel Episode 5

Circling back to his role in “Ms. Marvel,” the episode starts with a brief background of the socio-political situation in the Indian subcontinent prior to the Partition, introducing us to Hasan, who meets Aisha in his village. While the trajectory of their romance is brief (a little rushed, to be honest), the sentiments it evokes are beautiful, at least for me, a South Asian viewer, who never expected to see a desi romance blossom quite this way in a Marvel property.

Aisha and Hasan meet in a field of roses, and while there’s bickering on their first encounter, Aisha gradually allows herself to be emotionally vulnerable (who wouldn’t –– the man made her parathas right after they met). The two fall in love and have a child, Sana (who is Kamala’s grandmother), and as communal tensions rise, they decide to take the train to Pakistan, which loops us back to Kamala’s journey to the past in the show. 

Even though Hasan is completely unaware of Aisha’s Clandestine origins, he does not flinch when she demonstrates the powers of the bangle — instead, he affirms that he will always choose her, no matter what. In a tragic turn of events, Aisha is stabbed by Najma (Nimra Bucha), and Sana, who is briefly separated from her father in the crowd, is helped by Kamala, who creates a plasma route so she can be safely reunited with Hasan on the train.

This might not be the last we have seen of Hasan, and we need to know what transpired in the past, and whether Hasan was ever reunited with Aisha (her name, after all, means “she who lives”). This episode had a lot of beautiful Fawad Khan moments, but nearly not quite enough.

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