These Are The Best Moments Of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke

Singing karaoke is a great way to make a friend. It also will show you which of your friends are too scared to get up in front of a crowd. Karaoke can provide a window into someone’s personality that was obscured before. Carpool Karaoke wants to take this phenomenon to Hollywood.

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Hosted by James Corden, hundreds of thousands of people look forward to the hilarious car rides featured on Carpool Karaoke. Corden takes a celebrity, who is usually a music artist, on a car ride featuring singing, gossip and ,of course, funny jokes. Keep scrolling to see the best moments on Carpool Karaoke.

11 Sia

James Corden and Sia were a force to be reckoned with at this moment on Carpool Karaoke. The episode included a lot of singing content along with the comedy and little oddities. Sia sang her popular songs and showed off her powerful voice. She even sang Diamonds which she actually wrote for Rihanna. The conversations were revealing, and it was simply a great time.


10 Selena Gomez

James Corden knows how to bring out the fun in people on carpool karaoke. He shows this skill in the moments he has with Selena Gomez. They rock out to some of her most popular songs like Come and Get It. They even take little detours to go through drive-thrus and to a rollercoaster.

9 Lady Gaga

This moment on carpool karaoke actually served as a halfway driving lesson too. At the time, Lady Gaga had just gotten her driver’s license. Along with this lesson, Lady Gaga got to show off her impressive ad-libbing skills to O-Town. It does not stop there. The audience also gets to see the hilarious renditions that James Corden wears to pay homage to some of Lady Gaga’s most iconic outfits.

8 Justin Bieber

The episode of Carpool Karaoke with Justin Bieber was really laid back. It was kind of surprising to see him sit back and enjoy it because he is always wired and energetic on stage and on his social media platforms. He really relished in James Corden’s jokes and they both jammed out to Baby.

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7 Katy Perry

This episode features some tea about Katy Perry’s feud with Taylor Swift. James Corden asks about it right at the start, and they dive right into the details. Katy Perry laid out every detail about the feud, it was really eye-opening. They also talked about the conspiracies around her song I Kissed A Girl. Of course, they also sang some of her most famous songs like Firework, and Katy really showed off her singing skills.

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6 Britney Spears

You would not think that this queen of pop music would be shy, but her moments on Carpool Karaoke really show that Britney Spears has a shy side. James Corden surprises the audience and Britney while he hits the high notes on her songs. They talk about funny aliases she has used in the past, and she reveals that she has the best sense of humor.

5 Jennifer Lopez

J-Lo has been in the music industry a long time, so it is no surprise that James Corden chooses to play throwbacks like Love Don’t Cost a Thing. Jennifer shows off that she has always had a great singing voice, even though she does not really make music anymore. This episode features Jame Corden stealing her phone and actually messaging Leonardo DiCaprio. All of these great moments make it a must-watch.

4 Madonna

This episode has surprises at every turn. First, the Queen of Pop and James Corden are belting out her song Vogue and striking poses at the same time. This is not the only time they are a road hazard. They also make room to twerk in their seats! One of the most memorable parts is when this rockstar actually throws shade at James Corden because of the outfit that he is wearing.

3 Jennifer Hudson

This episode features a perfect representation of a couple of friends just hanging out. In that way, the moments in this episode are really unique. Both Jennifer Hudson and James Corden make a stop for burgers. They take selfies on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame like they are tourists. Carpool Karaoke really opened up Jennifer Hudson and showed her fans how down-to-earth she really is.

2 Adele

This episode is easily one of the most recognizable. Everyone looked forward to seeing Adele sing in a casual setting. The special moments in this show really bring out how charming Adele is in her real life. With them both being British, they make a special connection. This connection is solidified by jamming out to the Spice Girls. Adele gets the chance to dive into the behind-the-scenes details about her role in her music, and she tells personal stories.

1 Harry Styles

Harry Styles has seen so much of the music industry in his career. He started out in the boy band One Direction and is now making himself successful in his solo career. He has actually been on Carpool Karaoke more than once, but the last time he sat amongst his One Direction bandmates. This ride features them singing his hit single Sign of the Times along with basic karaoke like Hey Ya!. It might surprise you, but they even reenact romantic comedy scenes.

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