These Are Jennifer Aniston’s Most Expensive Brand Endorsements

Hollywood sweetheart Jen Aniston has been the face many big brands over the years.

Jennifer Aniston first became prominent in the mid-1990s when she co-starred in the comedy sitcom Friends, which is one of the most viewed shows worldwide. Along with making $1 million per episode on the show, she also starred in a series of romantic comedies such as Marley & Me, Just Go With It, and He’s Just Not That Into You. As her career soared on the small and large screen, Aniston became a familiar face for commercial brand campaigns and print advertisements. Earning roughly $10 million yearly from brand endorsements alone, she was also 2017’s second-highest-paid movie actress in the world.

From endorsing one of the most popular aviation brands in the Middle East to beauty products that define her ageless beauty and glow, the actress has made eight-figure earnings from her endorsements over the years. One of the most loved faces to be seen in commercials, let’s look at the most expensive brand that Jennifer Aniston has endorsed throughout her career.


8 Emirates Airlines

As Etihad Airlines chose Nicole Kidman as their brand ambassador, Dubai-based airline company Emirates decided to stand up to their rival with a $5 million endorsement deal for Jennifer Aniston, as noted by USA Today. She appeared in the brand’s several advertising campaigns on television and in global print. Her advertisement primarily focused on the Emirates A380 flight, the world’s largest passenger airliner. Emirates ranks as the largest carrier in the United Arab Emirates, followed by Etihad.

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7 LolaVie

Jennifer Aniston is known for her stunning hair that has transformed into various hairstyles over the last three decades. Through the sitcom Friends, fans got a glimpse into the transformations, and everyone has always wanted to know the secret to her healthy hair. In September 2021, the actress launched her haircare brand LolaVie after working on the brand for five years. Lola is one of Aniston’s nicknames, and she first launched the Glossing Detangler, followed by the hydrating cream Perfecting Leave-In. Aniston actively endorses her brand on Instagram through videos and ads.

6 Smartwater

One of her most iconic brand endorsement deals ever, Jennifer Aniston first became the face of Smartwater in 2007. As the global brand ambassador, she appeared in various print advertisements, campaigns, and videos. As someone who believed in staying hydrated, the actress was spotted everywhere carrying a bottle of Smartwater. As mentioned by Today, the Coca-Cola-owned company used its star power to create a multi-million brand worth over $830 million. Her partnership ended in 2020, and Gal Gadot was announced as the new endorser.

5 Aveeno

Jennifer Aniston is a firm believer in advertising products that she believes in. As someone who ensures that her skincare remains a top priority, she prefers to use Aveeno products. Aniston first became the ambassador for Aveeno Skin Care in 2013 and has consistently mentioned the brand’s products that she uses during her interviews. She ensures that her skin remains hydrated using organic products that wouldn’t harm the skin.

4 Eyelove’s Campaign

In 2017, Jennifer Aniston partnered with Shire Pharmaceuticals to launch an advertising campaign to create awareness regarding dry eye through Eyelove. A year later, she returned to collaborate on a new campaign. While the 2017 advert showcased how Aniston found out she had a dry eye, the second global ad showed her playing a game of This or That before she spoke to the camera about getting consulted for the disease. The commercial aired during the Golden Globes 2017.

3 Living Proof

Before launching her brand LolaVie, Jennifer Aniston was an investor and endorser of the Living Care hair care line. Her creative talent joined forces with the brand to introduce various products between 2012 and 2017. Aniston also owned a stake in the company, but she stepped away from the brand when Unilever purchased it in 2017, as stated by People. The actress then began working on launching her haircare product line.

2 Idorsia US

Swiss-based biotech company Idorsia brings innovative medicines to patients through research and development. In January 2022, the US subsidiary of the company bagged Jennifer Aniston as its newest spokesperson ahead of its launch of the insomnia drug. The campaign Seize The Night & Day was created to raise awareness about insomnia being a disorder. Her 30-second advertisement was an unscripted chat titled Jen’s Sleep Story, wherein she discusses her struggles with falling asleep.

1 Vital Proteins

On a mission to empower a healthy and vibrant lifestyle, Jennifer Aniston became the Chief Creative Officer of Vital Proteins in 2020. The collagen supplement brand reflects Aniston’s healthy skin and glossy hair. According to Harper’s Bazaar, as the actress has been regularly using the products since 2016, she will be putting her creativity to use and putting a new spin on the existing products sold by the company. She has also begun advertising the products through digital campaigns.

The business of being Jennifer Aniston can be pretty lucrative as the actress brings her input to every brand she endorses and works on and off the camera to get the best products to people she truly believes.

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