These Are Conor McGregor’s Most Iconic Looks

Conor McGregor is easily one of the most successful and well-known fighters in history. This being said, he makes a lot of money. With all that money, he chooses to live a highly luxurious life and purchase extravagant things like his own restaurant. His high spending also includes incredibly luxurious wardrobe items.

With such a high budget for his wardrobe, he has to have at least some sense of style. You might not think that fashion would be important to this boxing and martial arts champion, but it is one of his top priorities. Keep scrolling to see his most iconic looks.

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12 The Classic Suit And Tie Look

It might surprise you, but this MMA superpower pulls of high-profile suits like he was made to wear them. He knows how to polish himself up outside of the ring, and no one is complaining. It is really refreshing to see him wear something very classic and clean since he is often seen wearing athletic clothing.


11 Boxing Gear

While this is not something he would wear out to dinner, it is definitely one of his most iconic looks. He is known for his stand-up skills in the ring, so it is fitting that the boxing mitts are a part of his most iconic looks.

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10 Spiderman Suit

Everyone knows that Conor McGregor is basically a superhero during his highly anticipated fights. So, wearing a spandex Spiderman suit has to be one of his most iconic looks. Part of what makes this memorable is that he wore it to a grocery store.

9 Pink Satin Shirt

It might shock you, but Conor McGregor looks great in pale pink. Someone as strong and rough as McGregor is would not be expected to wear pink satin, but he actually rocks it.

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8 Floral Set

It is kind of surprising that Conor McGregor is a huge fan of bright colors. This two-piece set shows off his toned figure as well as is functional for the warm weather. McGregor knows how to dress stylish for hot weather.

7 Bedazzled Suit

This beast in the ring is a huge fan of flashy outfits. The suit he wore to the Elvis movie premiere is no exception. The whole thing featured Elvis inspired sparkles and glitter. Like many other celebrities, he is not afraid to emulate the King of Rock’s iconic style choices. It is really cool to see someone who flaunts his masculinity through his career embrace nontraditional clothing choices. It is one of his most iconic choices.

6 Shiny Purple Suit Jacket

Conor McGregor finds every reason and event possible to wear funky colors, and we are here for it. It is genuinely the most iconic part of his outfit choices. Here, he chose to wear a shimmery suit jacket that had a great cut that flattered his muscular figure. He wore this to the notorious Gentlemen’s Evening. It was a great choice, and he fit right in to the moody atmosphere.

5 Sports Jersey

It is no doubt that this boxing and martial arts star is a huge fan of form-fitting clothing. No one is complaining either. He likes to wear jerseys to get a more sporty look, and it is truly iconic. It pairs well with his own athletic nature, and it shows his fans an inside look into what sports teams he supports.

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4 Summer Matching Sets

Since McGregor loves to be outside in the warm weather, he needs clothing that fits the bill. It not only needs to keep him cool, but it needs to show off his muscled figure and be stylish as heck. It is not a surprise that they all usually feature bright colors. He gets them from luxury brands like Gucci, so they definitely contribute to some of his most iconic looks.

3 Yacht Captain Chic

Everyone is used to seeing Conor McGregor sporting athletic wear or highly formal suits and ties. However, he does know how to dress casually and wear a shirt. He spends a lot of time out on the water, and it is not always warm enough to be in a swimsuit or in his typical shirtless two-piece set. This look features dark wash denim and the most iconic fedora. It is a bit out of his norm, and it makes this look memorable.

2 All Black Training Gear

Conor McGregor is one of the best fighters in the ring today. This means that he has to spend most of his life in the gym, so that he can maintain his peak performance. The all black look is sleek, and it looks like he could wear it wherever he wanted. Having a versatile look is a necessity, and Conor McGregor makes it iconic.

1 Shirtless

There was no way that we could ignore Conor McGregor’s most iconic and most recognizable look. Which is, not surprisingly, his shirtless one. He is seen most often in the ring or training, and he does so without a shirt. No one is complaining, and there is no doubt that anyone else would be shirtless as much as possible if they looked like he did. It also shows off his iconic tattoos that you can’t see when he is wearing a shirt.

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