There’s a Secret QR Code Hidden in ‘Ms. Marvel’ Episode Four


Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. ©Marvel Studios 2022. All Rights Reserved.

One particularly cool thing about Moon Knight was early episodes featuring QR codes hidden amongst the scenery. When scanned, these would take audiences to digital versions of key comics from across the character’s Marvel history. As the series progressed, these stopped appearing (presumably it was harder to find a spot for them in ancient Egyptian tombs).

Fortunately, Ms. Marvel continued this tradition in its season premiere, and it’s now returned in the fourth episode.

It appears during the sequence where Kamala and her cousins are walking the streets of Karachi. Kamala attempts to get directions from a street photographer, whose stall features a prominent QR code:

We tried and failed to scan this ourselves, so here’s the direct link if you’re also having trouble.

Behind the link is a free copy of Ms. Marvel #12, published in October 2016. Set soon after the events of Civil War, the issue sees Kamala on a trip to Pakistan and features the first appearance of Red Dagger. That makes it a very appropriate Easter Egg, as this week’s episode sees the debut of Aramis Knight’s MCU Red Dagger.

Whoever came up with these QR code Easter eggs deserves a raise, as meeting these characters and being immediately able to see their comic book origins is very neat. It’s also a great nod to the writers and artists that made Kamala Khan so popular — in our books, anything that encourages more viewers to check out comic books is very welcome.

Ms. Marvel airs Wednesdays on Disney Plus.