There Is Nothing Scripted About Ultimate Cowboy Showdown

Ultimate Cowboy Showdown is the rootinest tooninest reality-based competition that pits cowboys from various parts of the country against each other in a good ol’ fashion, down home battle, cowboy style. With reality shows being plentiful and covering all manner of genres, from Survivor to The Real Housewives, Ultimate Cowboy Showdown (let’s just save time and refer to it as U.C.S. from here on out, huh?) is the latest addition to the competition reality show genre.

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While other reality shows and their legitimacy have been called into question occasionally (such as Bling Empire), there’s nothing scripted about U.C.S. So, let’s slide into our favorite pair of worn cowboy boots, mosey on down to the stables, and… sorry, ran out of cowboy jargon. Let’s do this work, folks.

7 What Is Ultimate Cowboy Showdown?

What is it to be a cowboy? Well, for starters, it means a lot of hard work, dedication, and a nice pair of Durangos. That’s all well and good, but when a cowboy has reached the pinnacle of “cowboyness,” where might they go to showcase their badass abilities? Why, Ultimate Cowboy Showdown (U.C.S.), of course. U.C.S. is a reality competition where “Twelve real-life working cowboys compete to win Ultimate Cowboy Showdown”(That right there is a direct quote from IMDb). Hosted by … Woah! Hold your horses, we’ll get to that. The contestants are then judged by a panel of experts who determine the fate of the cowboys …and cowgirls … Cow people? Cowpokes, with the ultimate prize being a herd of cattle and a U.C.S. belt buckle.


6 The Show Calls The Peacock Network Its Streaming Home

Now that streaming services are the new normal (I mean, who among us is still watching the antiquated dinosaur that is network or cable TV, am I right?) and have been for quite some time now, old school network and cable TV corporations are stepping into the modern era by throwing their proverbial hats in the digital ring. Enter: The Peacock Network. The Peacock Network is NBC’s digital counter-attack to the ever-growing army of streamers that currently saturate the entertainment landscape. Home to such notable properties as WWE, the service has been home to U.C.S. since 2019.

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5 The Show Is Hosted By A Country Music Star

Who better to host a show that showcases the down-home abilities of the modern cow person than a down-home Stetson-wearing country music superstar. Trace Adkins hosts the U.C.S. and brings his own personal flair to show. Adkins brings his upbeat, inspiring personality (the man continues to fight a battle against addiction) to the reality show while contestants battle it out for the top spot.

4 What Are The Winners Of The Show Up To Today?

The latest winner Coy Melancon who won the standard herd of cattle valued at $50,000 and the U.C.S. belt buckle, is currently riding high off his win. Season 2 winner Katey Jo Gordon currently works with her husband on their ranch in Oklahoma, while Season 1 winner Zane Runyan has gotten into the real estate game since claiming the ultimate prize in the show’s debut. According to, Runyan said this about life after the show, “I have a daughter in high school, and I have one that is going to Texas State and studying business. They did junior rodeos and stuff like that, but since we came to Texas they haven’t been active in competitions, but helped on the ranch the whole time.”

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3 Season 3 Was Hardly The Final Season

With a tagline like “12 will ride. 1 will rise,” it’s easy to see why Ultimate Cowboy Showdown was picked up for another season. The hit reality competition is currently casting its 4th season, with Trace Adkins most likely set to return. So, for all those viewers who didn’t get enough raw cow person action with the latest season… rejoice. Be patient, but rejoice. All good things come to those who wait, right?

2 It Is, By No Means Scripted

According to host Trace Adkins himself, the show is as real as it gets.

When people watch Ultimate Cowboy Showdown this season, that we did our job by impressing on them that what they’re seeing is real. This is not some scripted, orchestrated thing by anybody. This is real. I mean, these challenges that these cowboys were faced with are real, and they’re really having to do this stuff.”

1 The Competitors Are Real Cowboys

Adkins would further add, “Every one of these people that showed up were legit working cowboys, you know, everybody that showed up this year had a reason to be there. They were the real deal.”

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