The World Demands Dev Patel Be Cast as the Lead in a Rom-Com

dev patel

Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

There’s something about Dev Patel that has had everyone swooning ever since the actor grew out of his awkward Skins phase, so it’s no surprise a tweet demanding Hollywood casts the British actor in a rom-com has gone viral.

“I need the hollywood [sic] casting directors to get on this immediately,” one Twitter user typed, following it up with a video compilation of Dev in his episode of the 2019 Amazon original series Modern Love. The tweet was in response to a prompt that asked people to name an actor they “desperately need to see play the lead in a rom com”.

Modern Love, which tells a different love story in each of its episodes, is the closest Dev has been to a rom-com in his career, and if the video attached to this viral tweet is anything to go by, he really suits the genre to a tee.

There’s definitely an audience for a Dev Patel romantic comedy, then, seeing as the tweet has over 70,000 likes, and plenty of other people are also choosing the Lion actor as their answer to the question in the original post. “Don’t ask me no stupid questions,” one user said, while another is asking the movie industry to “let the dreams become true.”

As per IMDb, Dev has a few projects lining up, including a movie about an all-male strip club, currently in pre-production, which should quench at least some of Twitter’s thirst. Other considerably less horny projects include Wes Anderson’s upcoming The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar, and Dev’s own directorial debut Monkey Man, both in the post-production stage.

Even if there’s no rom-com in Patel’s future, his fans should still be pretty excited about what’s to come.

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