The Terminal List Is An Expensive TV Show But Is It Worth The Watch?

With so many options available at all times, it can be difficult to pick something to watch. Netflix, Hulu, and the like are all offering tons of new stuff on streaming platforms. Of course, basic networks are doing the same, and premium networks are still making award-winning projects, too.

One way that people decided on a show is the buzz surrounding it. Some shows earn heaps of praise, while others aren’t so lucky.

Recently, Amazon unleashed The Terminal List, which stars Chris Pratt. The show has a massive budget, and the previews paint the series out to be a potential hit. The question, however, is whether you should sit down and give the show a watch. Thankfully, we have the answer to this tough question below!


‘The Terminal List’ Is A Big-Budget Show

For quite a while now, The Terminal List has been one of the most hyped upcoming shows on television. It managed to lure Chris Pratt back to the small screen, and previews let audiences know that the folks at Amazon spared no expense when making the show.

Of course, sparing no expense meant that Pratt would land a premium salary for his role, but few could have predicted what he’d actually make.

“According to a new report from Variety, Pratt’s stardom has helped him to secure a top tier payday for his work on The Terminal List, netting $1.4 million per episode. That’s no small feat and a significant increase from the standard TV/streaming salaries thus far,” ScreenRant writes.

The show, which is a revenge thriller, knows its audience well, and the previews were able to get people on board in no time at all.

Money spent can only get a project so far, and at the end of the day, critics and audiences will have the final say on a show’s overall quality.

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Critics Are Underwhelmed By It

Over on Rotten Tomatoes, The Terminal List is currently sitting at a measly 46% with critics. There are very few professionals who are showing the show any sort of love, as most have been underwhelmed by what the series has brought to the table.

Peter Travers of ABC News noted that while the show has some strengths, it suffers from being too long.

“Chris Pratt tamps down his natural humor to play a Navy SEAL trapped in a deadly conspiracy. Not bad as flag-waving Dad TV, this souped-up military thriller comes off as a suspenseful two-hour movie trapped in eight hours of streaming series bloat,” Travers wrote.

Alberto Carlos of Espinof saw a missed opportunity.

“Bland and prefabricated. A pity because it seems to have all the ingredients to cook up something memorable, but instead it’s fast food,” he wrote.

All reviews, however, weren’t bad, and M.N. Miller talked about Pratt being a highlight on the show.

“Pratt carries The Terminal List with a surprising amount of depth and touching resonance on top of the high-octane action scenes,” Mille said.

Clearly, the critics aren’t feeling it, but audiences seem to feel a completely different way.

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Is It Worth Watching?

Despite critics having the show at a 46%, the audience score on Rotten Tomatoes is a whopping 87%, which is a huge difference. This gives the show an overall average of 66.5%, meaning that it’s not great, but it’s not terrible either.

As part of their review, one user heaped praise on Pratt and the show as a whole.

“Wow – each episode gets better this is not for the faint of heart as it’s an r-rated revenge thriller. Pratt rocks the PTS and stare of trauma and war and seriously pulls it off this is no P&R or Guardians role. He plays the warrior well and the supporting cast is perfect / the production values are excellent and episode 5 is a stand out for some pay offs and some scenes that rival those in Heat,” they wrote.

Another user kept their review short and sweet.

“Gripping, thrilling, and action packed. Loved every second of it.”

In a negative review, one fans pointed out the same things as Peter Travers in regard to the show being too long.

“Should have been a movie, because MAN is this BORING and SLOW. WAY too much dull stuff pushed into these episodes. Avoid,” they urged.

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Given its overall average, The Terminal List is a show that could be worth checking out, if only for one episode. This is especially true for fans of the action genre.

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