The Real Reason USA Network Canceled Queen Of The South

In a lot of ways, being a television consumer can be a very bitter thing. After all, everyone has been through the experience of loving a show only to have it canceled seemingly out of nowhere. In fact, there are way too many examples of great shows that were canceled after a season ended on a cliffhanger that viewers were desperate to see play out. For example, when the show Alf was canceled, it left viewers on a terrible note since the titular alien had just been captured.

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In 2021, fans of the show Queen of the South felt the familiar sting of having a great show they loved canceled. At least when it comes to Queen of the South fans knew in advance that the show wouldn’t be returning after its fifth season ended. Still, Queen of the South’s devoted followers were still left wondering USA Network made the decision to cancel their beloved show.

Why Fans Loved Queen Of The South

When most people sit down to watch a TV show or movie, they are looking for two things above all else, characters they can identify with and fascinating storylines. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense that Breaking Bad won so many awards and is considered to be one of the best shows ever made. After all, the series’ lead Walter White is easy to identify with when the show begins but his story takes some truly stunning twists that fascinated viewers.

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While it would be an overstatement to claim that Queen of the South was a show on the level of Breaking Bad, people loved both shows for similar reasons. After all, Queen of the South focused on a regular woman who builds a criminal empire by selling illegal substances.

On top of Queen of the South focusing on a storyline that would entertain just about anyone, the show had something more important going for it, Alice Braga. A stunningly talented actor who finally got the spotlight she has long deserved thanks to Queen of the South’s success, her portrayal of Teresa Mendoza captivated viewers. Of course, that is to say nothing about all of the other actors whose fantastic performances made Queen of the South a captivating show to watch.

Why Queen Of The South Was Canceled After Its Fifth Season

On March 8th of 2021, USA Network made the surprise announcement that their drama series Queen of the South was set to end within a few months. At the time of that announcement, the show’s fans were deeply disappointed but at least they had something to be hopeful. After all, since Queen of the South was canceled ahead of its fifth and final season’s premiere, it seemed like there must have been a plan in place to satisfyingly end the show.

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When the final episode of Queen of the South aired on June 9th of 2021, many fans couldn’t brush off the feeling that Queen of the South was originally supposed to continue with a sixth season. As it turned out, Queen of the South’s showrunners confirmed to Deadline that there indeed were plans for a sixth season. With that in mind, it begged an obvious question, why in the world was Queen of the South canceled when it was?

According to a Slash Film article that looked at Queen of the South’s cancellation, there were two reasons why the show ended after its fifth season. First off, like most shows that get canceled, Queen of the South’s ratings diminished greatly over the years. In fact, Queen of the South’s fourth season saw a twenty percent drop in the ratings and the fifth season performed even worse. Of course, when Queen of the South was canceled, the fifth season hadn’t even begun airing yet so there was no way to know for sure how it would perform.

Of course, suffering a significant drop in the ratings can be enough for any show to end but it is important to note that Queen of the South still outperformed other USA Network shows. On top of that, Queen of the South was such a big hit on Netflix that many people googled a very revealing question. “What should I watch on Netflix like Queen of the South?” With that in mind, it makes sense that another factor played into USA Network’s decision to cancel Queen of the South according to the aforementioned article.

“USA Network has only a handful of active original dramas still on the channel’s roster, with ‘Queen of the South’ meeting the same fate as ‘Dare Me,’ ‘The Purge,’ ‘Mr. Robot,’ ‘Suits,’ ‘Pearson,’ and ‘Briarpatch.’ USA Network seems to be more interested in making reality TV and picking up off-network runs of shows like Ryan Murphy’s ‘9-1-1’ or joint ventures with channels like Syfy with ‘Chucky’ and ‘Resident Alien.’”

Given USA Network has seemingly changed dramatically, there is almost no chance that Queen of the South will become one of those canceled shows that later came back.

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