The Real Reason Adam Sandler Cast Ben Stiller’s Daughter Ella Olivia In Hubie Halloween


It has become very clear, Severance is worth the watch. Not only is the series receiving strong praise, but it was also on display during the Emmys.

Ben Stiller is a major part of the show’s success, though nowadays, he’s contributing behind the scenes. We’ll take a look at his journey on the show and what to expect in the future.

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Despite the success and praise for the series, it seems like Ben’s daughter stole the spotlight. We’ll take a look Ella Olivia Stiller’s run in Hollywood, and how the 20-year-old got cast in a major Adam Sandler flick.


Ella Olivia Stiller Turned Lots Of Heads At The Emmy Awards Alongside Her Dad Ben

It was a night that brought out several trends, however, an unexpected top trend from the Emmys, was Ella Olivia, Ben Stiller’s daughter making an appearance at the award show. She was alongside her father on the red carpet, matching her dad with a black robe.

Again, she was among the most trending names of the entire night, this likely because of the shock factor involved, given that she isn’t seen in public alongside her dad all that often.

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Now the 20-year-old isn’t as experienced as her father in the world of acting, however, she’s already building up some credits, which includes voice over work and other smaller roles.

Her resume includes Megamind, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, Escape at Dannemora, For, Knife & Chainsaw, Friday and perhaps the most notable, Hubie Halloween.

Who knows, maybe she’ll appear on her dad’s breakout series Severance, but for the time being, she’s not doing too bad, appearing in a certain major Adam Sandler flick.

The Sandler And Stiller Families Are Close Family Friends

Released back in October of 2020 for Netflix, Hubie Halloween was a major hit, particularly in terms of views and gathering a big audience.

As per usual, Adam Sandler made it a point to cast some of his closer friends, and that included Ben along with his daughter.

Speaking alongside Cinema Blend, Sandler admitted that the two families are very close.

“He’s a good friend of mine, I love him and our families are friends. We talked about it and knew we’d have a good time doing that,” Sandler stated discussing Ben’s casting in the film.

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Given the closeness of the families, Ben’s daughter Ella Olivia also appeared in the film as the coffee barista. This was likely facilitated due to the closeness of the two sides. Not only that, but Stiller was doing Sandler a major solid, given that he hadn’t appeared in a role in front of a camera in years, choosing to produce and direct nowadays instead.

Surely, Ella Olivia caught the acting bug at the Emmys surrounded by the top stars. Who knows, maybe we’ll be seeing her a little more frequently in the future.

Ben Stiller Is Having A Blast In A Different Role On His Emmy-Nominated Series Severance

Ben Stiller’s personal life appears to be doing just fine after he was able to reconcile with long-time wife, Christine Taylor. It appeared as though the two were going to split at one point in time, though that would change in the recent times.

As for his work life, it is going just as good for Stiller, who was shinning at the Emmys thanks to his series Severance. Stiller is playing the role of producer behind the scenes and thriving in the new spot behind the camera. That said, the star isn’t interested in appearing on the show as a character.

“I don’t know, I love directing it,” he said on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards with E News. “I don’t want to mess with anything. We have an incredible cast, so right now I’m very happy.”

“I’m learning to listen to my gut feeling more, and not necessarily analyzing why it draws me in.”

Renewed for a second season, fans are looking forward to what’s next for Stiller and his new hit, Severance.