The One Doctor Who Scene Steven Moffat Wishes He Had Scrapped

As it turns out, Moffat isn’t happy about the scene either. “I don’t like Amy coming on to the Doctor at the end of ‘Flesh of Stone,'” he explained. “I mean the idea is good and sound — young girl reaches out after hours of deranging terror. But I played it for ‘Coupling’-style sitcom laughs. And it doesn’t work.” 

“Coupling” was a sitcom Moffat ran in the early 2000s about six friends in their early 30s; it was basically a British “Friends,” but raunchier and more smartly written. Moffat’s skill for writing quippy dialogue with a lot of innuendos can be seen a lot throughout “Doctor Who,” but this scene was a clear case of him leaning too hard on it. “Flesh and Stone” ends with Amy trying her hardest to cheat on her sweet and faithful fiancé, but the show never makes any attempt to treat it with any sort of seriousness. It results in making Amy look pretty cold and unsympathetic, and undermines the idea that Rory and Amy have a once-in-a-lifetime sort of love, which the rest of season 5 (and 6 and 7) lean pretty hard on. Moffat is frustrated looking back at the scene, because the rest of the episode was pretty great:

“Love the Doctor’s coup de grâce, the scene on the beach with River – even the moment when we cut to Amy’s house feels grand and epic. And then I screw it up with sniggering sex comedy. Bah! [Script executive] Lindsey Alford (as she was then) called me out on it, and I disagreed and stuck to my guns. And I was wrong, damn it.”

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