The Ms. Marvel Comics Might Hint At A Dark Twist For Kamran’s New Powers


The concept of Kamran having powers — heck, the concept of Kamran in general — is not exclusive to “Ms. Marvel,” the series. The comics introduce Kamran almost in tandem with his identity as a NuHuman, an offshoot of the Inhuman race. He, like Kamala, was exposed to the Terrigen mists that the Inhuman Black Bolt released in New York. The mist activated his Inhuman DNA, endowing him with his own powers. Kamran possesses the power of bioluminescence, which causes his body to glow with bright blue-green energy. He can also channel this energy into objects, creating shockwaves and even explosions. It’s a pretty cool ability, but sadly, he doesn’t use it for good.

Kamran is in business with Gordon Nobili, aka Lineage. He’s a former mob boss turned Inhuman villain bent on eradicating human life as most know it. Lineage planned to do so by releasing Terrigen mists on a massive scale across the globe, triggering a metamorphosis for those with Inhuman DNA, and death for those that are only human. Kamran tries to sway Kamala to the cause, even kidnapping her so she can hear from Lineage himself. Kamala is able to escape (and later defeat) Kamran with the help of her friend Bruno and her brother Aamir, but it wouldn’t be the last she’d see of her former crush.