The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power Trailer: Strange Skies Plague Middle-Earth

The brand new teaser, in all its nine seconds of glory (there is a longer version available, but it is only for Prime members) doesn’t show much about the story, but it does prominently feature a huge meteor crash-landing on Middle-earth while creatures all around the land stare in awe at the sky. We see Galadriel and Elrond, we see Lenny Henry’s proto-Hobbit Sadoc Burrow, Ismael Cruz Córdova’s elf Arondir. They’re all looking rather concerned and holding hands with the human healer Bronwyn. The extended version of the clip even shows some Ents moving around the forest!

Given the fact that this takes place thousands of years before “The Two Towers,” it makes sense for us to see a time where the Ents are more prominent, as “The Rings of Power” unfolds in the Second Age before the companion Entwives disappeared forever.

The meteor is rather curious because, as we saw in the previous trailer, a man comes out of it when it crashes on the ground. Who is this mysterious meteor man? We don’t know yet, but signs point towards the evil Sauron being quite literally cast out from the heavens like a cooler version of Lucifer.

“The Rings of Power” already has five seasons worth of story mapped out, but we won’t see the start of it until the show premieres on Prime Video on September 2, 2022. Be sure to come back on July 14 when a full trailer for the series arrives.

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