The Legacy Of Carrie Fisher (Besides Princess Leia)


Hollywood star Carrie Fisher passed away of a sudden cardiac arrest in 2016 but her legacy still lives on. While the actress is best known for her portrayal of Princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise, Carrie Fisher was so much more than just that role.

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Today, we’re taking a closer look at just what made Carrie Fisher such an important star in the industry. From writing books to starting conversations about mental health — keep on scrolling to find out all the things we will always remember Carrie Fisher by!


7 Carrie Fisher Starred In Numerous Movies Besides The Star Wars Franchise

While there is no doubt that Carrie Fisher’s most iconic role is that of Princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise, the late actress also starred in numerous other successful projects. Some of Carrie Fisher’s other most well-known movies include Shampoo, The Blues Brothers, Hannah and Her Sisters, The ‘Burbs, When Harry Met Sally, Soapdish, and The Women.

6 Carrie Fisher Had Success In Television Shows As Well

Besides big-screen projects, Carrie Fisher also occasionally appeared on television. In 2007, she portrayed Rosemary Howard on the satirical sitcom 30 Rock, and from 2015 until 2017 she played Mia Norris in the British sitcom Catastrophe.

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For both roles, Fisher ended up being nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award in the category Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series. Over the years, the actress could also be seen in shows like The Big Bang Theory, Entourage, Weeds, Smallville, Sex and the City, and many more.

5 Carrie Fisher’s Daughter Is Actress Billie Lourd

Carrie Fisher’s most important legacy is her daughter, actress Billie Lourd. Billie was born on July 17, 1992, and her father is talent agent Bryan Lourd. Today, Billie Lourd is best known for her portrayal of Chanel #3 in the Fox horror comedy show Scream Queens, and her different roles in the FX horror anthology show American Horror Story. When it comes to movies, Billie plays Lieutenant Connix in the Star Wars sequel trilogy.

4 Carrie Fisher Wrote Numerous Books

Apart from being a well-known Hollywood star, Carrie Fisher was also a successful author. Fisher wrote multiple semi-autobiographical novels as well as non-fiction books. The actress’ novels include Postcards from the Edge released in 1987, Surrender the Pink released in 1990, Delusions of Grandma released in 1993, and The Best Awful There Is released in 2004. Carrie Fisher’s non-fiction books include Hollywood Moms released in 2001, Wishful Drinking released in 2008, Shockaholic released in 2011, and The Princess Diarist released in 2016.

3 Carrie Fisher Wrote Several Screenplays

Considering that Carrie Fisher starred in numerous projects, and she wrote multiple successful books, it’s not surprising that the Hollywood star also wrote screenplays. The actress wrote the screenplay for the 1990 movie Postcards from the Edge and for it, she was nominated for a BAFTA Award for Best Adapted Screenplay.

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Besides this, Carrie Fisher also worked as a script doctor on the screenplays for the movies Sister Act, Last Action Hero, Anastasia, The Wedding Singer, Hook, and multiple movies from the Star Wars franchise.

2 Carrie Fisher Was Vocal About Battling Bipolar Disorder

Apart from her art, Carrie Fisher was also a big influence when it came to raising awareness for bipolar disorder. “I was told that I was bipolar when I was 24 but was unable to accept that diagnosis until I was 28 when I overdosed and finally got sober. Only then was I able to see nothing else could explain away my behavior,” Fisher told The Guardian. “We have been given a challenging illness, and there is no other option than to meet those challenges. Think of it as an opportunity to be heroic – not ‘I survived living in Mosul during an attack’ heroic, but an emotional survival. An opportunity to be a good example to others who might share our disorder. That’s why it’s important to find a community – however small – of other bipolar people to share experiences and find comfort in the similarities.”

1 Carrie Fisher Was Honest About Her Addiction

It’s no secret that the rich and famous often get pulled into a world where addiction is normal, and Carrie Fisher experienced that first-hand. However, the actress was open about the demons she battled which certainly helped shed some light on how serious addiction can be. “Drugs made me feel more normal,” Fisher revealed to Psychology Today in 2001. “They contained me.” The actress was addicted to Percodan, and she admitted that she was at one point even taking 30 pills a day. “You don’t even get high. It’s like a job, you punch in,” she said. “I was lying to doctors and looking through people’s drawers and medicine cabinets for drugs.” It was actually while she was in recovery for her addiction at the age of 28 that the actress was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.