The internet is here to tell you…it is once again, Morbin’ time

If there’s anything the internet likes more than funny cat videos and vitriolic arguing, it’s bagging on Sony’s ill-fated Jared Leto-starring living vampire flop Morbius. And so it is that two disastrous releases later, the film is yet again trending on social media.

It all began with a few simple memes that co-opted the catchphrase of The Thing, “It’s clobberin’ time” into the never heard once in the movie phrase “It’s Morbin’ time.” Since then the movie has trended multiple times since it hit movie screens on the now prophetic date of April 1. The phenomenon even persuaded Sony, a company that seems to not have any idea how jokes or the internet works, to re-release the picture for another completely unsurprisingly unsuccessful theatrical run.

And while it seems the meme-ing of the film is always present, like an algorithm programmed to seek out low-hanging fruit, it seems this latest trend is inspired by actual news (albeit “news” that is unsubstantiated and possibly completely made up). The internet rumor mill is churning with a report that Morbius is going to show up in an end credits scene for Sony’s newest installment of its Sony Spider-Man Universe (aka Spider-Man without Spider-Man), Kraven.

The rumored “scene,” which is, once again, completely unsubstantiated, is alleged to feature Morbius teaming up with The Vulture (who himself appeared in the post-credits scene of Morbius) to rob a bank. It’s perhaps not the most wholly original super-villain crime, but the potential of a team-up between the two has fans in an uproar. Or at the very least scratching their heads.

In any case, we can probably expect Morbius to keep trending over at least the next few months. Time may wait for no man but Morbin’ Time awaits us all.

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