The Internet Already Has Some Wild Fan Theories About Jordan Peele’s New Movie


After rising to fame through his comedic super-duo Key & Peele, actor-director Jordan Peele quickly garnered great levels of popularity and attention from audiences for his comedic talents. After several years of perfecting the craft of acting, Peele decided to make a change in his career and focus on directing and filmmaking. From thrillers such as Get Out to the upcoming animated adventure Wendell And Wild, the director has seen great success in the films that he has put out since making the career change.

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Peel’s latest extraterrestrial horror, Nope, is already proving successful as great excitement and buzz is being created by fans of the director. Its star-studded cast including Get Out star Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, and The Walking Dead star Steven Yeun, is already proving to audiences that the film will be more than worth watching. The buzz around the film continues to grow as the date of its release gets closer and closer with many fans theorizing a whirlwind of predictions as to what the film holds in store for them. So let’s take a look at some of the wildest fan theories about the upcoming Nope.

8 This Is What Nope Is Actually About

Despite the wild whirlwind of fan theories circulating around the internet, the mastermind behind the film himself, Peele, has recently spoken up about the real themes and messages that the film aims to bring forth. During an exclusive cast interview with Fandango All Access, Peele highlighted how, at its core, the film actually centered around the concept of spectacle and its pros and cons.

The director stated, “I wrote it at a time when we were a little bit worried about the future of cinema, so the first thing I knew is that I wanted to create a spectacle. I wanted to create something that the audience would have to come and see.” Before then adding, “I set my sights on the great American UFO story here, and the movie itself deals with spectacle and the good and bad that comes from this idea of attention.”


7 This Is The Meaning Behind The Film’s Title

There have been many fan theories about the title of the film. Many believe that the word nope isn’t so much the interjection that it seems but rather an acronym. As the film deals with extraterrestrial themes many went on to speculate that the title actually stands for “Not Of Planet Earth”. However, during the Fandango All Access interview, Peele highlighted the true meaning behind the title, stating how it was aimed to reflect the audience’s reaction when watching the film.

Peele explicitly mentioned, “It’s a horror epic, but it has some points in it that are meant to elicit a very audible reaction in the theater.”

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6 The Cast Has Highlighted The Originality Of The Film

Based on Peele’s previous works and the significant attention that the film is already garnering even before its release, it’s safe to assume that Nope will bring a new and original flavor to the extraterrestrial horror genre. During the Fandango All Access interview, leading lady Keke Palmer highlighted this after stating how shocked she had been by the film when she was first approached for her role as Emerald.

The actress stated, “I was shocked because of all the different archetypes that he was able to put in each character. It was really original the way that he designed each character and specifically, I’m looking at my character because I have to perform it and there were a lot of different places that I had to go.”

5 This Is What The Cast Said The Audience Should Expect From Nope

Not only did the cast open up about their experiences in filming the movie and becoming accustomed to the story, but some also spoke about the audience’s expectations and their predictions. Newcomer Brandon Perea, in particular, spoke about what he felt the audience should expect from the film and how the movie was different from other sci-fi thrillers that came before it.

When asked what fans should expect Perea answered, “Just something different, something totally new,” Before adding, “It’s going to blow people’s minds.”

4 Audiences Already Have Some Pretty High Expectations For Nope

As previously mentioned, the attention that the film has been garnering even prior to its release has been significant. Audience expectations continue to rise as wild fan theories continue to circulate. One particular theory sees the film interlink with biblical themes due to its release date. Reddit user Torino888 highlighted how the film’s release date 7/22/22 could potentially be a reference to the Bible’s Matthew 7:22 which could give an insight into the plot of the film.

The Reddit user stated, “I wonder if the opening date 7/22/22 has any significance? In the Bible, Matthew 7:22 serves as a warning against false prophets. So maybe it could be about a cult or some type of leader with bad intentions.”

3 And The Theories Continue To Roll In

With the film’s release inching closer and closer by the day, the theories continue to roll in and get crazier and crazier. Another Reddit user under the name ManVersusApe, theorized that the location in which the film is set is where the key to the plot lies.

The Reddit user stated, “My theory is that the US government are involved with this, and they’re [sic] doing some kind of experiment on the UFO. The whole town is some kind of Area 51 secret base and the ranch you see in the film is the main base where it’s the main point for the Aliens to arrive.”

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2 Some Fans Have Predicted A Tie In With This Film

Many theorists have even found links between Nope and other huge thriller films of the past and thus based their plot theories on existing films. For example, Reddit user sillygillygumbull, noticed how Terry Notary’s involvement in the film could suggest a Planet Of The Apes style of narrative as the actor is known for his motion-capture performance specifically of apes.

The Reddit user stated, “All I know is that there was a shot of a very simian hand (fist-bumping a kid), and one of the actors in the film, Terry Notary, is noted for doing motion capture performance or apes. He is known for roles in Planet of the Apes and Kong reboots. So. With that and the sci-fi obvious UFO stuff, could it possibly be like a reverse planet of the apes???? So like, a super-evolved ape from the future travels back in time to earth? I know that sounds nuts.”

1 Whilst Others Seem To Have Found The Film’s Source Material

Other eagle-eyed fans seem to have uncovered the film’s original source material and thus seem to have uncovered the plot of the film. Reddit user Bunflowerz stated that Nope was actually based on a Japanese cult series called Johnny Sokko and theorized that the plot line would closely follow that of the show. The Reddit user even compared images from the film and the original series to further prove their theory.

The Reddit user stated, “It’s based on a cult Japanese series called Johnny sokko and his flying robot. It’s a bad miracle because their ranch isn’t doing well anymore until the aliens show up which draws in a huge crowd. The twist ending is going to be like a kid is controlling everything. I have a bunch of pictures to prove my point, but I’m not sure how to upload them. The similarities are absolutely insane.”

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