The Horror Sequel Homage That Almost Made It Into Stranger Things 4

The actor said he proposed that a particular scene in which Vecna is hovering in the attic could be reshot in order to pay respect to the classic Pinhead moment: “I was like, ‘That’d be amazing to pay this homage to this incredible character and this wonderful actor, Doug Bradley.” He also shared that, during his attempt to talk the Duffers into shooting the scene, he said that Vecna would look “kind of like Jesus,” which would be in line with this season’s dark spin on religion.

Bower revealed that the Duffers were on board, but that the visual homage didn’t come through as well as he’d hoped: “We did it and it looked like absolute crap,” he admitted. They didn’t end up using the footage. “They had already said to me, ‘Just keep your arms [at] both sides. It’s going to look great,'” Bower shared, “and I was like, ‘No, no, let me try it, let me try it.’ We did it. And it was awful.”

Well, you can’t win them all. As cool as Vecna is, he’s not quite the same type of scary as Pinhead. The Upside Down monster is capable of crushing peoples’ heads like walnuts, which would probably make a simple arm raise seem a little anticlimactic. Still, the horror icon was a constant presence on the “Stranger Things” season 4 set. Bower also revealed that one of the Duffer brothers would purposely wear “Hellraiser” T-shirts on days when he worked with the actor.

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