The Entire Predator Timeline Explained


With the true identity of Charles Bishop Weyland (Lance Henriksen) in doubt, much of the rest of the 2004 incident is questionable. Independently wealthy, Weyland gathered a small crew of experts from a variety of fields to investigate the Bouvet Island “temple” location (“Alien vs. Predator”). Upon arrival at the ruins of Razorback Station, this field team, along with Charles, claimed to enter the temple via a tunnel alleged to be of recent Yautja creation.

Inside the temple, the team entered a conflict between Yautja and the reawakened Xenomorphs. Weyland is alleged to have died in the temple to help other field team members to escape. One survivor, Lex (Sanaa Latham), claims to have allied with the Yautja to push back a possible Xenomorph escape. With the temple and its Xenomorph queen destroyed, the alliance was successful. There is no clear evidence of Weyland’s actual goal. However, a diagnosis of terminal lung cancer may have been a factor in his actions. Lex’s story is uncorroborated, though OWLF later recovered a Yautja-style bone spear.