The Drama is Already In Full Swing On The All Star Shore Premiere

After much anticipation, All Star Shore is finally here! Narrated by none other than DJ Pauly D, this show has reality stars from across the globe competing for a cash prize of $150,000 and a side of bragging rights. That’s right, this is the “first ever party competition show.” Nestled together in a villa in the Canary Islands, the guests pair up and prepare to compete, taking part in Paradise Games and Exile Games.

Each competitor starts with 10 points, and hopes that, by placing in the Paradise Games, their score will lead them to the finals. But for those who are booted from the games too early, they’ll have to face off against another team in the Exile Games. And just like in Survivor, the losers of the Exile Games will be sent…to Exile Island.


Spoiler Alert: The rest of this article contains spoilers from All Star Shore episode 1: Welcome to the Shore!

The Temperature Heats Up On Night One

From Jersey Shore to Love Island to Bachelor in Paradise, the stars Bay Watch running up on the beach run the gamut from tame to wild. The first competitor is Angelina from Jersey Shore who claims, “I bring the fun, I bring the mouth, and I bring the drama.” Looks like Hurricane Angela is ready to stir the pot with a whole new group. Among others, Angelina is joined by Geordie Shore stars Chloe and Blake, The Circle: Brazil winner Marina, and Miss Vanessa Vanjie Mateo, drag queen extraordinaire.

Once all the competitors reach the beach, they’re tasked with finding their partners. To do so, they’ll select a floaty and use a paddle to do a lap around a buoy, landing back on the beach. The first ones to the beach will be a team…or so they think.

After a winded group of guys and gals end up back on the shore, they come to find that their teams were actually selected the moment they chose their floaty. So, pairing up by matching raft, the teams assemble with some more hopeful than others.

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The guests then head to the villa to explore and get ready for their first night together. As the alcohol starts flowing, Love Island US’s Johnny takes an interest in Geordie Shore’s Bethan. After discussing their thoughts about a future family, the two share a passionate kiss. Bethan’s Geordie Shore bestie, Chloe, starts to fall head over heels for Acapulco Shore’s Karime, swapping spit several times and stumbling around the villa gleefully.

Back in the shared bedroom, Marina offers Joey Essex – reality TV savant – an intimate massage. Marina then strips off her clothes and Joey reciprocates with a massage that is mostly him playing the drums on her “fanny” as Johnny calls it.

The Guests Compete In Their First Paradise Games

The following morning, despite the hangovers, the teams head to the beach for their first Paradise Game: Party Pong. One person from each pair must sit in a human-sized cup filled with beer and catch giant “ping pong balls” bounced over by their partner. The first to 3 successful catches wins 30 points and a private ride on a luxury catamaran. Unfortunately for the team that loses the fastest, it’s the Exile Games.

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After knocking out their competition one-by-one, it’s Angelina and Joey who take first place, followed by Chloe and Potro and James and Blake. A pairing comprised of Love Island US contestants, it’s Trina and Johnny who are on the chopping block at the Exile Games, hoping that Angelina and Joey will select an easy team of competitors to play against them. After the conclusion of the games, the partying starts up again, but this time, with a little more heat.

Night Two Brings Out The Claws

Back at the villa, Bethan and Johnny are back at it, locking lips and shaking their hips. Angelina pulls Chloe aside and shares with her that Trina had mentioned Johnny said Bethan wasn’t his type, and that his head could be easily turned should another woman walk through the villa doors. Wanting to hear it from the horse’s mouth, Angelina calls Trina over to confirm the gossip, and subsequently Bethan whose jaw drops hearing the news.

Gobsmacked, Bethan asks Johnny for the truth, though he continues to deny the accusations. The pair then address the group at large, hoping for some clarity as to who started the rumors. Without many leads, Bethan storms off. Though Angelina starts to raise her voice at Johnny, all roads lead back to Trina who claims to her fellow competitors that she has not, in fact, been talking sh*t. If you ask us, that sounds like some sh*t, Trina.

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Trina’s Stirring The Pot…Just Like She Said She Would

Trina, a Love Island US alum, prides herself on being able to use her profession as a psychiatric nurse. She admitted that she’s good at using people’s emotions and mentalities against them, hoping that would offer her an advantage in the competition. And thus far in the competition, she’s done just that, though it may have cost her an ally with fellow Love Island US costar Johnny.

Unfortunately for Trina, as reality TV shows have proven since their inception, being the villain never pans out in the end. In fact, Trina might in for a rude awakening when Bethan returns from her room.

Tune in next week to find out whether Trina’s approach will prove successful or backfire. Catch all new episodes of All Star Shore, Wednesdays on Paramount+.

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