The Deleted Horror Movie Scene That Gave Rosario Dawson A Gruesome Death

In an interview with Bloody Disgusting, Zombie explained that he had initially wanted to include Dr. Satan in “The Devil’s Rejects,” but he was just too cartoonish to fit into the film’s more grounded reality. “‘House of 1000 Corpses’ was so cartoony and psychedelic and weird you could kind of do anything,” Zombie said. “But when I shot the scenes for ‘Devil’s Rejects’ with Dr. Satan, almost instantly I was like, ‘This is stupid. This is not going to work.'”

Dr. Satan is a truly monstrous character, a sadistic former Nazi doctor with a mutated, withered body and a whole host of mechanical appendages to help him operate. He would be more at home in a film like “Mad Max” than in the sunburnt ’70s grime of “The Devil’s Rejects,” so it makes sense that Zombie would want to cut his brief appearance to make the movie feel more cohesive. 

On the Without Your Head podcast, franchise star Sid Haig, who plays Firefly patriarch and killer clown Captain Spaulding, agreed with the decision, explaining that originally the plan was to cut from the Firefly family on the run to Dr. Satan in the hospital bed, but it brought the movie’s momentum to a complete stop. It would have been great to see Dr. Satan (and Dawson’s doomed nurse) in the movie, but it would have hurt the overall pacing, which can honestly tank an otherwise solid film.

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